Ex Dome Cameras

Ensuring workplace safety with hazardous area dome cameras

Explosion proof dome camera solutions using the latest hazardous area dome cameras designed to prevent explosions and improve safety across Ex rated hazardous area environments.

Hazardous area dome cameras are essential for monitoring potentially explosive environments such as oil rigs, chemical plants, and refineries. These specialised cameras are designed to prevent explosions by eliminating sparks and heat, making them essential to workplace safety. They also provide workers with enhanced visibility and situational awareness, allowing them to identify and respond to potential hazards quickly. By investing in hazardous area dome cameras, businesses can improve safety and protect their workers while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Solutions for Agribusinesses

Explosion proof PTZ dome camera

D-Series Dome PTZ cameras exceed national and global standards for safe operations in potentially combustible environments. The industrial camera housing is certified for hazardous areas and comes in a multi-chambered enclosure made of marine-ready aluminium or 316L stainless steel with a temperature range of -20C° to +55C°. The camera resists harsh offshore and onshore conditions with an IP66/67 Type 4X rating. The camera is designed to be installed by a single installer with quick-bolt mounting brackets and features a secondary retention safety lanyard and Ex breather drain membrane systems. Additionally, the D-Series incorporates Ex Power over Ethernet (PoE) for ease of installation, flexibility in network design, power management, and cost savings.

HDTV 1080p with 40x optical zoom

Axis Lightfinder 2.0

Autotracking 2 and orientation aid

Built-in analytics

Marine-Grade Aluminum or Stainless-Steel

Explosion proof 4K PTZ dome camera

4K atex dome cameras offer improved image quality, situational awareness, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with regulations for businesses operating in hazardous areas. With four times the resolution of 1080p cameras, they provide clearer and more detailed images, and their wider field of view improves response times.

UHD 4K with 20x optical zoom

Outstanding images with incredible detail

Zipstream with support for H.264/H.265

AXIS Object Analytics

Built-in cybersecurity features

Reliable Securing Kit Included

Explosion Proof Panoramic Dome Camera

Explosion proof panoramic dome Axis camera

Explosion-proof panoramic dome Axis cameras offer 180-degree coverage, high-quality images, and easy installation. They improve safety in hazardous areas, reduce costs, and identify potential hazards quickly.

180° horizontal and 90° vertical coverage

Seamlessly stitched images

8 MP resolution at full frame rate

Axis Lightfinder and Forensic WDR

atex dome camera benefits

Stay in control with advanced vehicle tracking solutions

Enhanced Safety

ATEX CCTV dome cameras are designed to operate safely in hazardous areas, reducing the risk of explosions and ensuring worker safety while increasing site security.

High Quality Images

Explosion-proof CCTV cameras provide high-quality images that can be easily analyzed, helping to identify potential hazards quickly.

Cost Effective

By providing efficient coverage with a single camera, these cameras can reduce costs associated with installing and maintaining multiple cameras.


Many hazardous areas are subject to strict regulations regarding camera specifications. Explosion-proof CCTV cameras can help businesses meet these requirements and avoid potential fines.

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