Connect your project site and empower teamwork.

Collaborate across teams and borders with the right digital strategy to help your workforce scale the challenges of physical and digital work to better serve your customers, business and workforce.


The future workplace does not have to be the office

Digital technology is having a profound effect on 21st-century organisations. It is fundamentally changing the way we work, the way we manage, where we work, how we organise, the products we use, and how we communicate.

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School Radio System

Communicate. Collaborate. Innovate

Push to Talk as a Service

Connect your teams with Airacom APTT push-to-talk and benefit from wide-area group collaboration, location, health and safety and secure messaging.


Improve your Network

An agile business needs a scalable highly secure agile network. Transform your network to optimise application and business performance.


Adapt How you Work

Your project site might not be your office. Adapt and grow with unified communications solutions that give your teams the flexibility to work everywhere.


Gain insights into our world

Airacom push-to-talk as a service increase collaboration.

Explore how companies use wide-area group communications to increase collaboration at the project site.

Airacom Business Critical Communications
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Supercharging guest experiences across the hotel sector.

Explore how companies use wide-area group communications to increase collaboration at the project site.

Hotel Push to Talk Communications
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The 6 ways to improve your site.

Meet the challenges of a distributed workforce with secure, flexible group communication for teams. We’ll help you and your employees to connect and collaborate from virtually anywhere using our leading push-to-talk group communications platform.

Push to talk

Wide-area coverage over any 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, WiFi or Satellite IP network with near global coverage.


Deploy a business-only high capacity core network with managed internet services and leased lines.

Unified comms

Cut costs, boost efficiency and streamline your communications with our UC products.

Access points

Cost-effective access points for superfast WiFi for a wide range of wireless applications.

M2M data SIMs

Access hundreds of mobile networks in over 150+ countries with a single service provider supporting: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G M2M data SIMs.

IoT integration

Collect and surface highly contextual IoT and sensor data across your business and users to tap into new revenue streams.

Collaborate across teams and borders with unified group communications for teams

Global calling, crystal clear audio, speak to large groups or private one-to-one calls instantly with localised broadband PTT and near-national coverage using carrier-grade mobile network infrastructure.