At the touch of a button, the whole team can talk, listen, and collaborate across the construction site

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Expanded service delivery & unified communications across construction

Airacom APPT compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Linux

IS530.1 Ex Smartphone

Zone 1/21, Division 1

Airacom IS530.1 Push to Talk

Intrinsically safe Push-to-Talk industrial zone 1 smartphone

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IS530.2 Ex Smartphone

Zone 2/22, Division 2

Airacom IS530.2 Push to Talk

Intrinsically safe Push-to-Talk industrial zone 2 smartphone

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Smart-Ex 02 DZ1

Zone 1/21, Division 1

Ecom Smart Ex 02 Push to Talk

Intrinsically safe Push-to-Talk industrial zone 1 smartphone

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A880 Smart PoC Radio

Rugged, (non-hazardous areas)

Airacom A880 Rugged PoC Radio

Smart Push-to-Talk PoC radio for safe area operations

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Team Collaboration

We help utility operators develop and deploy industrial, intrinsically safe smart mobility

Near Global Communications

Over any public or private 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, WiFi and Satellite network

Location Management

Locate your field force, vehicles and assets in near real-time with reporting

Rugged & Intrinsically Safe Devices

Working on a project and need industrial or hazardous-area devices with wide-area Push-to-Talk?

Critical Event Management

Meet your business obligations and protect workers at risk

Connected technologies we work on

Outpace the competition and address your most complex and critical challenges


Innovation without disruption, what’s on your digital transformation roadmap?

APTT is an intelligent group communications and workforce management platform, surfacing real-time data for faster, better insights and more efficient collaboration across teams and front-line workers

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Intrinsically Safe Push to Talk Tablet

Collaborate faster & increase productivity across your workforce

Airacom APTT workforce management platform will unify your field and back-office operations. Helping you to manage your processes, workforce safety and assets with the least amount of effort, expenditure and time

Maximise the flow of information from the field to the office with group communications designed for teams and modern businesses. You could save up to 40% by switching to APTT vs using a traditional walkie-talkie system.

Our expertise, project management experience and systems architects can help you migrate and transition to a digital oil-field platform effortlessly. We’ll help you to configure your users, talk-groups and permissions seamlessly.

We’ll provide you with a single device platform, removing the need to carry, manage and support a two-way radio system with borderless communications and workforce management across the hazardous area.

We’ll help you connect teams and geographically dispersed personnel to improve collaboration with near-unlimited coverage over any 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, WiFi & Satellite IP networks. More flexible vs PMR, DMR & TETRA radios.

Rise to industry challenges with location and alerting management. Engineers operating across zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas benefit from real-time access to location and alert notifications.