Achieve greater workforce efficiency and safety across geographically dispersed teams and contractors and harness the power of data to improve communication

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Worldwide the Covid-19 pandemic has been a transformational moment for the construction industry. Forcing companies to reevaluate how they operate and deliver services. Now more than ever companies are investing in emerging technologies to cope with a shift towards home working and mobility restrictions.

Construction Push to Talk

Critical group communications platform to stay connected, no matter where they are working

Whether in the office, out on-site or on the move, allow internal and external teams to connect, work and collaborate effortlessly. Achieve greater workforce efficiency and safety across geographically dispersed teams with Airacom APTT.

Push to Talk Communications
Mobilise your workforce

Replace two-way radios with Airacom push to talk offering near-global coverage over any IP network

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Smart Ex 02 DZ1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone
Connect your project site

Utilise IoTs and Sensors to gain real-time data analytics across your sites to make informed business decisions

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Smart-Ex 02 DZ1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone
Protect your team

Enhance workforce safety with location monitoring to better manage employees operating remotely or alone

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Get business done anywhere with rugged, and reliable enterprise mobility connecting the field to the office

Collaborate across teams and time zones with Airacom APTT business-critical push to talk platform with high availability and scalable up to one million users.


Manage daily operations with powerful features to communicate with users
and talk groups, mapping, sensors and IoT data


Collect and surface highly contextual IoT and sensor data across your business and users to tap into new revenue streams


Manage operations with integrated readiness. APTT command, dispatch and workforce management consoles


End-to-end encryption, secure authentication, authorisation, data encryption, transport level security and more


Advanced ad hoc talk groups, location services, messaging and video collaboration capabilities and more


Surface all of your CCTV and remote IP cameras within one platform across unlimited users and dashboards


Networked surveillance system, view and control unlimited surveillance cameras across multiple sites


Unified mission-critical group communications over any 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi and Satellite IP network


Connected technologies meet digital transformation, enhancing team collaboration and boosting productivity

Outpace the competition and address your most complex and critical challenges. Modernisation and digitisation rely on effective communication, collaboration and data visualisation.

Airacom APTT Push to Talk

Evolve field operations, collaborate faster and increase workforce safety while maximising productivity

Airacom APTT Unified Messaging

Collaborate faster and increase workforce productivity

Airacom APTT Location Services

Monitor personnel and assets with location and alerting

Push to Talk Security and Encryption

End-to-end encryption and secure authentication

Airacom APTT API Integration

Integration to unify your field and back-office operations

Airacom APTT Connect IoT and Sensors

Surface real-time data for faster, better insights

Airacom APTT AI Integration

Digital transformation, mobility innovation without disruption

Airacom APTT Blockchain

Distributed ledger for secure transmission and data integrity


Surface data

Critical communications requires critical data, analytics and business intelligence across your technology stack to make informed decisions

Airacom Industrial IoT and Sensor Integration
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Optimise your projects with IoT and sensor data updating in real-time

Airacom CCTV Integration
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Integrate your CCTV for unified distribution and analysis

Airacom Building Management IOT Integration
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Management of security, monitoring and maintenance across your building

Airacom CRM and Database Integration
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Make informed decisions, share critical information across the business

Unlimited Support

Get unlimited support and a dedicated account manager with APTT ONE

We focus on providing essential business services and enhanced technical support with disaster recovery and two-hour system resolution for all APTT ONE customers


Enterprise mobility use cases

To gain competitive advantage construction companies must update legacy systems for advanced cloud computing, software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and streamline business processes.

Why should companies focus on Push to Talk and what are the competitive benefits for doing so?

PTT mobility enablement will enhance workers with wide-area coverage using existing Android, iOS or Windows 3G, LTE, 5G and WiFi devices with more features removing the need to invest in two-way radios.

Mobility plays a transformational role across the construction value chain empowering teams

Many organisations still struggle with manual paper-based processes. Field data capture using mobile devices provides direct integration with backend systems, reducing the need for manual data entry and saving time.

Hazardous Area Smartphones

Best-in-class atex mobile phones and industrial smartphones to mobilise your workforce in ATEX, IECEx, CSA hazardous areas

Hazardous Area Smartphone

View the range of zone 1 hazardous area smartphones with global certification for use within explosive gas or dust environments

Hazardous Area Smartphones

To survive and grow, companies must compete on a technological front for faster, more proactive decision making

0% Interest LTE PoC Radio Hire

Data visualisation made simple, surface data-sets in any shape, size or layout to work effectively

LTE Smartphone Fleet Hire

We hire LTE radios and rugged smartphones for short-term and long-term Push to Talk deployments

PoC Radio Fleet Hire

Seamlessly integrate and connect your enterprise software and platforms with custom modules


Keeping the construction industry agile and secure with enterprise mobility

Smart mobility enables organisations operating in highly competitive sectors to stay productive, while keeping those employees connected during remote working.


Why should we partner with Airacom?

We help create industries of the future with the modernisation of mission-critical group communications and workforce management solutions to prioritise safety, reliability, and availability.

What are you credentials in this sector?

We currently work with many of the worlds major construction companies as well as industry bodies within the construction field. Our unrivalled presence within the global construction industry supports businesses of all sizes, making us the de facto choice for many.

How can you help us on the construction site?

We know that construction companies operate within a heavily regulated industry and have immense pressure to finish faster and cheaper. It is why we offer a Group Communication solution enabling real-time collaboration with near-national coverage – instead of being forced to deploy conventional two-way radio offerings which are both limiting in coverage, costly and require a licence.

How can you help us control costs?

We can rationalise existing costs by replacing outdated legacy equipment with agile cloud solutions, helping you make the most of existing budgets and investments while reducing the need to buy equipment at unpredictable costs. We can also move you away from a capital to an OPEX model by migrating your operations away from expensive, inflexible technology such as two-way radios and onto Airacom APTT cloud-based push to talk services.

How do you help customers address scalability issues?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that many industries are susceptible to expanding and compressing their operations. Airacom addresses this need through flexible contracting, which enables you to scale as and when you need to without incurring penalties.

Why should we choose Airacom?

We know your operations must comply with strict data retention and security regulations, no matter the scale of your business. From business-critical communications, to workforce management, security, encryption and GDPR data protection, Airacom has the solutions to ensure your business always remains complaint and secure.