Mobile Broadband

Business mobile broadband stay connected wherever work takes you

Airacom’s business mobile broadband solutions offer businesses reliable and fast internet connectivity, enabling you to stay productive and connected from anywhere.

Working from home, in the office or on the road, staying connected has never been so important. But unsecured public WiFi presents significant risks to data exposure and cyber threats, from man-in-the-middle attacks to malware and rogue access points.

As businesses continue to rely on remote and field workers, mobile broadband offers remote and hybrid working teams secure and flexible internet access, improving productivity while saving costs for the company. The solution is scalable and eliminates the need for expensive fixed-line connections while providing security from unsecured public WiFi networks.

Business Mobile Broadband

Every small business needs a big network with 99% UK coverage


Business mobile broadband provides private and encrypted connections that significantly reduce the risk of security breaches when accessing sensitive business data. In contrast, using public or home Wi-Fi or tethering to your phone can be risky and may compromise the security of your data. Business Mobile Broadband allows your business to have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure from unauthorised access.


Improve productivity and collaboration for your remote and hybrid workers by providing fast and reliable internet access enabling your team to access cloud-based applications and stay connected with their colleagues and customers from anywhere. This means you can work smarter and more efficiently, without the limitations of a fixed location or traditional office environment.

Cost Effective

Airacom provides cost effective business mobile broadband with flexible long-term and short-term plans for your mobile workforce or project. You can choose the data plans and duration that fit your specific business needs, and you can scale your services as your business grows. This means you can adapt to changes in your business and stay connected on the go without overspending on mobile services.


Business mobile broadband provides a resilient and redundant solution to help your business stay connected and productive, even in challenging or unexpected situations. By providing fast and reliable internet access on-the-go, or in the office for redundancy, can help you stay operational and agile.

Why Use SIM only

Flexible SIM-Only tariffs with bundled calls & SMS

Our business SIM-only plans are designed to offer flexibility to match the individual needs of your business. You have the freedom to choose the specific number of minutes, texts, and data that your team requires, without the constraints of a lengthy and costly contract.

Cost-effective: Business SIM only plans are often less expensive than traditional mobile phone plans because they do not include the cost of a new device.

Flexibility: Business SIM only plans offer more flexibility because you can use them with any compatible device, which is especially useful if you have employees using their own devices.

Scalability: Business SIM only plans are easy to scale up or down to meet the changing needs of your business, making it easy to add or remove lines as needed.

Temporary 4G LTE broadband & WiFi rental services

Our temporary WiFi services provide fast and reliable internet access, allowing your team to stay connected and productive from anywhere. Whether you need to set up a temporary workspace, run a conference, or provide connectivity for remote workers, we have the right solution for you.

Event WiFi Broadband

Office Move Temporary WiFi Internet

Hybrid & Remote Working Broadband

Construction Site 4G LTE WiFi Internet

4G fast start failover and backup broadband when disaster strikes

The continuity of your operations is critical. A reliable broadband service is the backbone of any business, and network outages can have a significant impact on productivity and revenue. That’s where our 4G and 5G Backup Internet services come in.

By deploying our 4G LTE and 5G backup Internet services, you can prevent network outages and increase network availability, ensuring that your business stays connected and productive at all times. Our services provide a super-reliable broadband connection that acts as a backup to your primary internet service. If your primary service experiences an outage or disruption, our Backup Internet service will automatically kick in, providing seamless connectivity and ensuring that your operation stays connected.

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