Transport & logistics sector.

We help companies operating within the transport and logistics sector improve worker safety and increase communications and collaboration from the field to the office and across the warehouse.


Supply chian next-gen collaboration technology

Globalisation and an interconnected world is putting the transportation industry under increased pressure to improve its services. Introducing cloud-based technologies within your transport and logistics organisation can massively increase visibility of your assets and vehicles streamlining operations. Airacom APTT wide-area collaboration system provides near-global communications achieving greater operational efficiency.

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Transport Push to Talk

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Push to Talk as a Service

Get up and running in minutes with our next-generation group communications platform for teams.


Improve your Network

An agile business needs a scalable highly secure agile network. Transform your network to optimise application and business performance.


Adapt How you Work

Your project site might not be your office. Adapt and grow with unified communications solutions that give your teams the flexibility to work everywhere.


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Airacom push-to-talk as a service increase collaboration.

Explore how companies use wide-area group communications to increase collaboration at the project site.

Airacom Business Critical Communications
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Supercharging guest experiences across the hotel sector.

Ensuring your hotel services run efficiently around the clock with effective staff collaboration solutions.

Hotel Push to Talk Communications
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It’s our mission to make your mission a success.

Meet the challenges of a distributed workforce with secure, flexible group communication for teams. We’ll help you and your employees to connect and collaborate from virtually anywhere using our leading push-to-talk group communications platform.


Increase the passenger experience and make baggage handling, cargo loading, ground handling and answering enquiries more effective with Airacom push to talk.


Deploy reliable wide area safety-critical group communications trackside without the need to invest in or manage infrastructure.

Marine & Ports

More effective communication for busy seaport operations. Maintain contact across your operation with dedicated talk groups, user location and alerting.

Bus & Coach

Complex transport networks require ultra-reliable communications, location services and security. Airacom APTT is scalable up to 1 million users, unlimited groups with near-global coverage.


Keeping your teams connected and collaborating from the office to the project site turning ultra-rugged smartphones into effective walkie-talkies.


Bringing instant communications to hundreds of businesses with our lightning-fast sub second Push to Talk platform.

Critical group communications platform keeping teams connected, no matter where they work.

Global calling, crystal clear audio, speak to large groups or private one-to-one calls instantly with localised broadband PTT and near-national coverage using carrier-grade mobile network infrastructure.

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