Vehicle Push to Talk

Digitally transform your vehicle fleets with extended push to talk

Improve the safety and security of your professional drivers and vehicle fleets with Airacom connected vehicle push to talk instant communications with near global coverage.

Busy transportation, logistics, courier, and service engineers require an ‘always-on’ connection between their dispatch centres and fleet management teams. Solve your critical fleet management challenges with a professional in-vehicle group communications system to improve team collaboration between your front-line drivers and the central command and control centres.

Transport, logistics, courier, maintenance, and service engineer industries are increasingly looking at integrated technologies with GPS, unified communications, and workforce management to improve operational agility. Our focus is to provide instant communication, real-time location, and workforce management solutions to help vehicle fleets better manage their operations.

Vehicle Push to Talk

In vehicle communication

Solve your critical fleet management challenges

Eliminate Noise

Remove engine and road noise Drivers of commercial vehicles can hear and be heard clearly during phone calls and Push to Talk calls.

Single Device

All-in-one affordable device to replace multiple phones, two way radios, GPS, and fleet management hardware

Eliminate Echo

Proprietary software, external mic & speaker deliver best in class audio in noisy commercial vans, trucks and vehicles.

Always Connected

Deploy in-vehicle PTT connected to the battery for always connected PTT ready to use in -20c to +60c temperatures.


Integrate your message transcript of events into CRM or ERP systems for use as evidence.

Fleet Management Console

Setup a command and control centre in your office or via a remote worker using an internet connected PC or laptop.

Extended Coverage

Use external antennas or low profile satellite receivers to extend push to talk range with near global coverage

Near Global Coverage

No two way rado licence is needed, Airacom vehicle PTT works with all 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks.


UV350 vehicle PTT designed specifically for commercial vehicles

The Uniden® UV350 is the first 4G LTE all-in-one in vehicle fleet communication device delivering crystal clear vehicle Push-to-Talk and mobile calls. Combine Airacom PTT and workforce management software and give your drivers access to business-critical data applications while on the road. Ensuring safer communications for your professional drivers.

Wide Screen

Large 5.5″ widescreen display with large buttons makes using the UV350 vehicle PTT safe and easy for professional drivers.

Vehicle WiFi

The UV350 vehicle PTT communicator provides an in-vehicle high-speed WiFi hotspot.

Vehicle communications

Keeping your drivers safe & collaborating with back office operations wherever they work

Good communication is vital in every successful business, but it is especially important for transport and logistics companies. Clear and effective communication ensures your operation from dispatch to scheduling and delivery runs smoothly. Airacom vehicle PTT provides a wide range of communications, location, and workforce management solutions for vehicle fleets, including:

Near Global Coverage

Airacom vehicle push to talk offers near national and international coverage over any public 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, or WiFi network.

Device Compatibility

Transport, logistics, and vehicle fleets require a wide range of devices to get work done. Vehicle PTT from Airacom is compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, PoC radios, and vehicle PTT systems.

Radio Interoperability

Through integration, Airacom PTT can be integrated with land mobile radio or digital mobile radio via a fully configured gateway.

Fleet Management

Incorporating Airacom vehicle PTT, with real-time location and workforce management, companies can become more efficient and flexible.


CP250 next generation connected vehicle push to talk

Built-in camera and DVR are standard features with the CP250 connected push-to-talk vehicle communications tablet. Designed to be installed on the dash or mounted on a windshield, specifically for lighter commercial vehicles such as taxis, vans, and delivery trucks, the easy design makes installation fast and simple.

The CP250 is a leading 4G LTE all-in-one tablet-style fleet communications device enabling drivers to make calls via cellular or run Airacom vehicle Push-to-Talk Over Cellular to keep direct contact between the vehicle and the dispatch centre or fleet operators.

5″ Widescreen display

Android 6.0 compatible with Airacom Vehicle PTT

Dash or windscreen mountable

Inbuilt camera and DVR

In-Vehicle Installation, Always Powered


Move people and cargo safely and efficiently with instant, reliable vehicle PTT

Deploy real-time communication systems for direct contact with your bus and coach fleets anywhere in the world. Keep your drivers safe while providing instant collaboration between depot operators and drivers.

Discreet and simple accessories

Improve customer service and journeys

Provide in-vehicle guest WiFI networks

Monitor and manage location in real-time


Push to talk messaging provided FREE with every Airacom PTT user licence

Enable direct communication between driver and dispatcher to plan and distribute critical delivery and traffic information in real-time.

Cost-effective in-vehicle communications

Improve efficiency and logistics management

Instantly connect drivers with dispatch operators

Increase health and driver safety

Quickly react to changing day-to-day situations

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