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Real time employee people tracking solutions for business

Experience unparalleled workforce efficiency with our cutting-edge employee people tracking solutions, empowering businesses to optimise productivity, ensure safety, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Employee People Tracking Solutions

Real time people tracking solutions to uncover invaluable insights

Enhance workforce management and operational efficiency with Airacom’s real-time employee tracking solutions, ensuring staff safety and productivity while working out of the office or alone.

Airacom’s advanced employee tracking solutions empower organisations to improve workforce management and operational efficiency. Businesses can ensure accurate task allocation and completion by delivering real-time data on staff locations, site visits, and planned routes. This heightened visibility enables resource optimisation, increased productivity, and reduced operational costs. Additionally, it supports compliance with legal obligations, enhances worker safety, and provides real-time customer updates, improving satisfaction.

Employee Tracking solutions

Location analytics to gain visibility into your digital workforce

Productivity Gains

Enhancing productivity and efficiency – A TSheets survey revealed that 53% of employees cited the absence of productivity tracking as the primary hindrance to completing work. By monitoring employee activities, businesses can pinpoint inefficiencies and refine processes to boost productivity.

Enhance Safety

Employee tracking solutions assist businesses in ensuring the safety of their staff, particularly those working alone, remotely, or interacting with the public outside their vehicles or in high-risk customer facing situations. Airacom’s People tracking solutions contribute to employee protection.

Meet compliance

UK businesses must ensure lone worker safety through risk assessments, training, proper safety systems, and emergency response plans. Airacom’s employee tracking facilitates adherence to labor laws and regulations while protecting vulnerable staff members.

Improve Service

Enhancing customer service – employee tracking solutions enable businesses to offer real-time updates on services or deliveries, fostering increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Why use RTLS Monitoring

Mobile workforce tracking without additional hardware

Airacom’s user-friendly employee tracking app, compatible with Android and iOS, enables businesses to monitor live GPS locations, examine route histories, and receive alerts and notifications. With geofence monitoring and automatic tracking suspension when employees finish shifts or are off-duty, this easy-to-setup, flexible solution requires just a compatible smartphone, without additional hardware.

Easy to launch and setup

Compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones

Customisable mobile tracking application

Battery performance modes

Stops tracking when an employee shift finishes

Works globally in more than 180 countries

Autonomous ID card tracker for personal security and workforce management

The GH5200 is an innovative ID card holder, designed for personal safety, lone workers, and individuals in high-risk settings. This ultra-slim tracking device functions as an everyday ID card holder while offering numerous safety features in emergency situations.

Supports voice communication: The GH5200 ID card holder supports up to X5 call/SMS recipients to transmit a text or initiate a call instantly when help is needed.

Build in man down: Pre-programmed with emergency event scenarios using Airacom telematics to ensure the personal safety of lone workers and vulnerable people.

GH5200 ID Tracking Badge

Track company cars, vans, or anything with wheels

Employers may opt to track the company car or van to protect the security of their vehicle, in conjunction with monitoring employee performance and safety while using a company vehicle. The two main reasons why companies opt for people tracking and employee tracking solutions are:

Operational Efficiency: Tracking company owned vehicles enables back office teams to plan and organise jobs, leading to more efficient use of resources and better customer service.

Employee Safety: In many countries, companies must safeguard remote and lone workers. People tracking through company-provided devices or vehicle installations enhances safety and security for employees and vehicles during emergencies.

Protect your team with cutting edge mobile tracking solutions

Real-time tracking systems ensure driver safety when outside their vehicles. By monitoring their location via mobile devices, companies meet their duty of care and health and safety obligations while enabling prompt emergency assistance, protecting both employees and the organisation. The employee people traciking application from Airacom is Android and iOS compatible, and can run on most smartphones, PoC radios and tablets.

Airacom Vehicle Tracking
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Advanced telematics for tracking vehicles, people and assets

Discover how advanced telematics solutions from Airacom can help you track and monitor your vehicles, people, and assets. Our IoT telematics solutions provide real-time data on location, movement, and status, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing security. Find out more about our range of advanced telematics solutions today.

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