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Mobile devices designed for use in hazardous areas, get a quote today

Ensure Safety in Hazardous Environments with intrinsically safe mobile devices. Our explosion-proof mobile devices are designed for industries operating in hazardous areas. They provide reliable communication while meeting strict safety standards. Get in touch for expert advice on selecting the right intrinsically safe devices for your project.

Intrinsic Safety: Engineered to prevent ignition in explosive atmospheres.

Compliance with Safety Standards: Certified for use in hazardous environments globally with ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA, INMETRO and EAC certifications.

Robust Communication: Maintain connectivity in challenging conditions, collect critical field data and increase workforce safety.

Long-Term Durability: Built to endure rigorous industrial use.

Deploy Business Critical Apps: Runs business-critical apps in the field to speed up operations and improve the the data flow from the field to the office.

Our hazardous area team works globally across some of the world’s most harsh, hostile and hazardous areas. Fill out our form for a consultation, and let us help you enhance safety and efficiency in your operations.

Intrinsically Safe mobility

Fieldworker mobile solutions for Ex hazardous areas

Zone 1 Smartphones

Zone 1 smartphones that prevent explosions and bring advanced UCaaS services into hazardous environments.

Zone 2 Smartphones

Get the latest zone 2 certified mobile devices to keep your teams connected and collaborating in hazardous areas.

Zone 1 Tablets

Run inspections and maintenance with the latest zone 1 rated Android and Windows tablets for hazardous area operations.

Zone 2 Tablets

Bring unified communications and workforce management software to zone 1 hazardous locations to improve efficiency.


Adopt the latest assisted reality tech to increase safety, compliance and operational efficiency in zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas.

Mission Critical Comms

Explore our mission-critical voice and data communications solutions to improve operational efficiency and safety.

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