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Flexible equipment procurement & leasing for peace of mind

Could your business benefit from professional procurement? Move your organisation forward with an equipment procurement program, saving you time and lowering your telecoms, IT and software procurement costs. Our customers benefit from equipment procurement savings of up to 40%.

Whatever industry your business operates within, Airacom has over a decade of experience in technology equipment procurement—driven by our long-term global supplier relationships with hundreds of leading equipment manufacturers. We work with you to put forward the best equipment at the most affordable prices with a wide range of financial products to help make your equipment procurement hassle-free.

Airacom procurement
We help simplify the procurement process

Simplify the process of buying or leasing your equipment with the right hardware & software.

Flexible Business Leasing from up to 5 years

Benefit from lease terms from as little as 6 months to 7 years, giving you greater control.

Reduce Upfront Investment and retain cashflow.

Why buy when you can lease and Keep your valuable working capital within your business?

You can Save up to 40% Equipment and software

With over ten years of experience in IT procurement from leading brands, we add value.

IT, Software & Telecoms Procurement

Reduce your upfront investment and simply your equipment procurement

Two Way Radio

Two way radio lease rental is a flexible alternative to purchasing your two way radio equipment outright.

4G LTE PoC Radios

Wrap up all your PoC Radios or rugged smartphones in a flexible lease and save vs two way radio systems.

Cloud Phone Systems

Upgrade your office phone system to the cloud and benefit from leasing new VoIP handsets for office & hybrid working.

Rugged Smartphones

Reduce the capital investment when upgrading your rugged smartphone fleet with a flexible lease.

Rugged Tablets

Give your remote and frontline workers the rugged tablets they need and protect your working capital.

Hazardous area Devices

Equipment is always changing with new standards and versions. Lease intrinsically safe mobile devices and easily update.

Laptops & Workstations

Keep up with the latest tech and benefit from leasing your business laptops and PC equipment.

Servers & Networks

Some of the most expensive technology, so why not free up your business working capital and lease?

Office Printers

Lease agreements for printers are typically 3-5 year terms offering MFDs and managed print service contracts.


Get the right software to run your business operations without overpaying from Microsoft to cloud-hosted PBXs and PTT.

IT Equipment

Get what you need now so your business can grow without affecting your company’s cash flow.

IT & mobile equipment procurement

What are the benefits of Purchasing or leasing your equipment or business software?

When acquiring new hardware for your business, finance is one of the critical things you must consider. Typically, your options will be: buying outright, hire purchase or business leasing for your IT equipment and business software.

Advantages of leasing IT equipment

Lower upfront costs – Lower upfront costs and low initial investment are among the main benefits businesses consider leasing as the most viable method to procure the necessary equipment. Businesses can keep their valuable working capital within the business, as appose to buying.

Predictable monthly expenses – Switching to a leasing model for your IT equipment procurement offers predictable monthly charges. This is especially important to many businesses where unpredictable or seasonal operating conditions make it easier to plan and spread your costs over smaller monthly or quarterly payments vs a complete outright purchase.

Equipment upgrades – One of the main drawbacks to purchasing IT equipment is that most of it can quickly become outdated. When you lease IT equipment, you are also on the most current or up-to-date equipment available with upgrades at the end, making it easy to upgrade your equipment on a new lease or use your existing equipment.

Maintenance – When you buy your equipment outright, you are responsible for the maintenance and servicing of that equipment. However, when you lease IT equipment, you avoid the maintenance and repair expenditures altogether.

Tax benefits – Your monthly leasing payments for your IT equipment are usually tax deductible, lowering your liability and costs on your business tax return.

Disadvantages of leasing IT equipment

Leasing may be worth considering as a business for your IT equipment procurement, especially if the IT equipment you intend to purchase dates quickly. Leasing over a long term to some companies may not always be the most cost-effective option if your business desires to own the equipment. However, depending on the leasing provider, it may be possible to buy the IT equipment from the leasing company at the end of the leasing term with an agreed nominal sum.

Advantages of buying IT equipment

Equipment ownership – Owning the rights to the equipment is the main benefit of purchasing IT equipment outright. If equipment has a longer-term usable life and is not going to be obsolete in the short term, businesses may see owning the equipment as advantageous.

Tax deduction – The first year allows you to fully deduct the amount you have spent on new equipment from your business tax return.

Warranty – If your IT equipment fails, your company will utilise the equipment warranty for a repair or replacement. However, you must devote time within the business to liaise with the manufacturer and send the equipment for repair/replacement.

Disadvantages of buying IT equipment

Higher upfront costs – How much spare capital does your business have? IT equipment can be expensive, and as such, the initial upfront investment required does steer companies in another direction, either borrowing money via a business loan which can also be a costly way to procure much needed equipment.

Outdated equipment – Owning your business IT equipment might be a benefit, but it can also be expensive. If you invest in high-cost equipment today, there is a high probability the technology will become obsolete within a concise timeframe. Intern, you are forced to reinvest more capital sooner to stay up-to-date.

Benefit from professional IT & software procurement, rollout & training

Sourcing new IT equipment or software can be time-consuming and frustrating for any business. It can be extremely challenging to ensure that your IT hardware, infrastructure, and software investment will fit your intended brief and provide your business with excellent value for money. Benefit from professional telecoms, IT and equipment procurement, rollout & training.


Leasing does not tie up your valuable funds in an outright purchase

Monthly costs

Predictable monthly lease costs making it easier to use the latest technology


Minimise your hardware repair & maintenance costs as the lender is responsible

Future Proof

Protect your investment by always using the most up to date IT equipment


Lease IT equipment from as little as 6 months to 5 years giving you greater control


Add additional devices or equipment to your lease anytime, and upgrade at the end

Tax efficient

Lease payments come with a range of tax advantages and leasing benefits

Lease benefits

Leasing gives you access to better equipment, lower outright costs and improves expansion

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