Leased Lines

Business leased lines and managed internet just became affordable

Not all business leased lines are equal, and access to fast, reliable internet is a crucial component for most businesses running data-hungry apps and services in the cloud.

Business lease lines have many major advantages over alternative internet products like Fibre and SoGEA broadband as data-reliant and data-hungry businesses invest heavily in cloud applications, video conferencing, DaaS services, and hybrid working. More and more businesses are now looking to deploy affordable business leased lines benefiting from dedicated high-speed internet connections with rock-solid support and improved service levels.

Why run a leased line

Quicker SLAs

Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees that major connectivity issues will be resolved quickly.

Faster Speeds

The dedicated lease line offers between 10 Mbps and 10 Gbps upstream and downstream speeds.

Higher Security

Reduce security risks with the right router and firewall to protect your business.

Lower Costs

Bring down your lease line costs with a competitive range of dedicated lease line services across major ISPs.


How can a leased line with dedicated internet benefit your business?

While the advantages of dedicated internet access are relatively obvious from a speed, performance, and services perspective, business leased lines are not always suitable for everyone. For a start, due to business leased lines offering some fairly clear and significant advantages over alternative non-dedicated internet offerings like Fibre and SoGEA circuits, there is a sizeable price difference for a business leased line, which currently will likely cost you more than £150 per month.

In addition to the increased cost of a business leased line and associated installation costs, there is also the question about a site survey. For most UK postcodes, a business leased line is normally a viable option. Despite the time it takes to complete a survey (postcode dependent), this could be a few days to a few weeks.

Business lease lines benefit companies with a centralised office, running a large workforce

A business lease line can benefit any size or scale of business with dedicated high-speed internet access. But due to cost compared to fibre broadband, lease lines are typically adopted by companies with a larger internal workforce, or offices that run high bandwidth services and cloud-hosted telephony.

Faster speeds

Improved service level agreements SLAs

A dedicated internet line

Improved upload and download speed

*The cost of a business lease line will differ based on provider, location, services and SLAs. Check the UK lease line locations we are currently providing services to.

main advantages of a leased line

What are the main lease line advantages over dedicated superfast business broadband

Dedicated internet connection

Leased lines are dedicated internet circuits specifically for you and your business. The internet connection is not shared with any other person or company outside your business. This is the sole main benefit or business driver in wanting to install a dedicated business leased line. As a result, your broadband connection will not fluctuate throughout the day or at peak times, and it will not crash or slow down.

Increased service level agreements

A clear advantage over traditional ‘normal’ business broadband is that business leased lines have minimum service level agreements. This means that in the event of a fault, and should the issue not be rectified within the SLA’s timeframe, you may be entitled to compensation. Generally, most other internet connections will only offer a very basic compensation, if any compensation at all.

Parity with upload and download speeds

Leased lines are dedicated lines exclusively for your business. As a result, you will not see the impact on the speed of the internet connection or the reliability of the broadband. Upload speeds are critical when making VoIP calls, accessing data, connecting to servers, or sending emails. Most other internet connections limit the upload speed vs the download speed with no parity between both. With a business leased line, both the upload and download speeds are the same, parity.


Leased lines from Airacom are scalable and can be adapted to fit your business needs. As you grow, so will the demand for faster services, increased data usage, and the need for greater bandwidth in line with your IT demand. A business leased line provides great continuity, adapting to deliver the connection so that you can continue to run the services the business needs to remain successful.

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Lease Line Benefits

Dedicated Line

No fluctuation in internet speed, no sharing, dedicated connection for your business only.

Higher SLAs

Faster fix times, minimum service levels & fault compensation if the issue is not rectified within the time.

Faster Upload Speeds

Broadband exclusively to you and your business with faster upload speeds.

Symmetrical Traffic

A stable and secure internet connection that won’t slow down or crash at peak times.

Lease Line Scalability

Start out small and scale your bandwidth and data usage as your business grows.

Robust Routers & Firewalls

A wide and comprehensive range of managed routers and firewalls to run your business.

Increase Efficiency

High-speed internet allows employees to operate efficiently between tasks and projects.

Superfast Internet

Flexible business broadband with a dedicated constant connection over 100Mb, 1Gb or 10Gb bearer circuits.

Switch to SoGEA & future proof your communications

Customers today do not always want a phone line with their broadband. With SoGEA you can get a fast hybrid fibre broadband connection

Unlimited data usage

Download speeds of up to 80 Mbps

24/7/365 UK-based support and customer service

12, 24, or 36-month contracts available

Single order for phone and broadband

FREE WiFi route and static IP address

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