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Advanced GPS vehicle tracking system for any size vehicle fleets

With our advanced vehicle tracking system, you can gain a near real-time 360-degree view of your fleet’s daily operations, helping you to reduce costs, boost productivity, and stay on top of vehicle maintenance while focusing on running your business.

Airacom Fleet Tracking

Stay in control with advanced vehicle tracking solutions

Unlock the power of advanced vehicle tracking solutions to stay in control of your fleet’s movements and optimise your business operations with Airacom IoT telematics.

Vehicle tracking has become an essential tool for businesses that rely on transportation to deliver their products or services. With the advent of advanced vehicle tracking technology, it has become possible to track vehicles in real-time, monitor their locations, and ensure timely delivery of goods or services.

Airacom vehicle tracking provides real-time visibility into your fleet’s location and status, allowing you to make informed decisions that reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance driver safety. Airacom offers commercial fleet tracking solutions for cars, coaches, vans, and trucks in the UK, US, and Europe with advanced features. Discover how Airacom’s vehicle tracking system improves operational efficiency and reduces business costs in every industry.

Vehicle Tracking
Car Van Tracking
Van Tracking

Vehicle tracking can help protect vans and their contents from theft or unauthorised use. By knowing the location of their vans, businesses can quickly respond to potential security threats and minimise losses.

Coach Tracking
Bus Tracking

Busses and coaches can carry a large number of passengers, making safety a top priority. Tracking technology allows coaches to be monitored in real-time, allowing quick response times in emergencies or accidents.

Lorry Tracking
Truck Tracking

Real-time tracking can allow for more accurate delivery estimates, faster response times to customer inquiries and issues, and better communication with customers about delays or changes in delivery times.

Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking

Plant equipment is a high-value asset that is often a target for theft. Tracking the equipment enables fleet managers to quickly locate stolen equipment and take appropriate action to recover it or manage utilisation.

Choose your installation

Choose the best vehicle tracking solutions for your business

Tracking Simple Install Devices
Plug and Play

Self-installation vehicle tracking solution easy to install. Real-time location and access to our advanced web-based telematics software with iOS and Android apps.

Plug and play quote
Vehicle Tracking Fixed Installation
Fixed Installation

Covert fully installed fixed vehicle tracking solution with real-time location and access to our advanced web-based telematics software with iOS and Android apps.

Professional Fleet Tracking Installation
Professional Fleet

Fully installed vehicle tracking device plus vehicle-mounted mobile driver terminal MDT for navigation and PTT push to talk communication with the office.

pro fleet quote
Why use vehicle tracking

Use fewer resources and get more done with GPS vehicle tracking

With our online vehicle tracking technology, you can gain real-time insights into the location and status of each vehicle in your fleet. This allows you to make better and faster decisions around route planning, driver safety, and customer response times. Optimising routes can reduce fuel consumption and travel time, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Improve fleet efficiency

Enhance driver safety

Respond faster to jobs, incidents or driver safety situations

Increase customer service with up-to-date information

How vehicle tracking increases your productivity

Vehicle tracking systems can help businesses to reduce costs, improve safety, and increase productivity. By providing real-time data on the location and status of each vehicle in the fleet, businesses can make more informed decisions and respond more efficiently to changing circumstances.

Better route planning: Vehicle tracking provides real-time data for each vehicle in a fleet. It allows fleet managers to plan more efficient routes for their drivers, reducing travel time and fuel costs for cost savings and improved productivity.

Improved driver behaviour: Vehicle tracking monitors driver behaviour, enabling fleet managers to improve driver training and incentivise safe driving practices.

Faster response times: Real-time vehicle tracking can identify the nearest vehicle to a job or emergency, enabling fleet managers to redirect that vehicle and improve response times, thus reducing downtime and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Better resource allocation: Fleet managers can ensure optimal vehicle usage and availability by monitoring fleet data. This leads to efficient resource allocation, reduced downtime, and improved overall efficiency.

Airacom Vehicle Tracking

Our vehicle tracking system is more than just tracking vehicles

We can help you locate all of your vehicles in real-time, while improving your fleet management, reducing fuel consumption and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Fuel Savings: Detect inefficient driving behaviours like idling, hard acceleration, and speeding, allowing fleet managers to address them and lower fuel consumption and expenses.

Maintenance Savings: Use telematics to understand vehicle health and condition, enabling managers to plan preventative maintenance.

Improved Routing: Router vehicles more effectively reduce travel time and fuel costs.

Reduced Labour Costs: Monitor driver productivity and identify areas for improvement, leading to less labour time and greater efficiency.

Elimination of Unauthorised Use: Vehicle tracking helps fleet managers detect unauthorised vehicle use, which reduces associated fuel and maintenance costs.

Deliver better customer service with real time vehicle tracking data

Real-time tracking and reporting improves your service delivery by providing accurate and timely updates on the status of your fleet and deliveries. This can help you to provide better service to your customers, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Give more accurate delivery estimates to your customers

Quickly locate the nearest vehicle to a job or emergency

Track driver behaviour leading to safer driving habits

Use tracking data to improve delivery or service routes

Get more visibility into your fleet’s daily operations

Monitor and enforce compliance with SLAs

More flexibility to Improve dispatch and response times

Real time maps to monitor the status and activity of your vehicles

Our vehicle tracking solution offers a powerful yet simple way to track your fleet with high-resolution maps easily accessible via a browser. This technology can help you to:

Check real-time vehicle location

Provide accurate ETAs

Monitor vehicle maintenance statuses

Track and manage your mobile workforce

Protect your equipment and assets

Vehicle tracking plans

Vehicle tracking plans

Self Install


Per vehicle/mo

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Live Premium Mapping

Vehicle Reports & Analytics

Web-Based Tracking Portal

Android or iOS Apps

Unlimited Users

Self Installation

36 Months / *Prices exclude VAT

Terms & conditions apply, billed monthly

Fixed Install


Per vehicle/mo

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Live Premium Mapping

Vehicle Reports & Analytics

Web-Based Tracking Portal

Android or iOS Apps

Unlimited Users + FREE Install

Fully Installed UK Nationwide

36 Months / *Prices exclude VAT

Terms & conditions apply, billed monthly

Pro Tracker


Per vehicle/mo

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Live Premium Mapping

Vehicle Reports & Analytics

Web-Based Tracking Portal

Android or iOS Apps

Unlimited Users + PTT and MDT Terminal

Fully Installed UK Nationwide

36 Months / *Prices exclude VAT

Terms & conditions apply, billed monthly

Pro Tracker


Per vehicle/mo

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Live Premium Mapping

Vehicle Reports & Analytics

Web-Based Tracking Portal

Android or iOS Apps

Unlimited Users + PTT and MDT Terminal

Fully Installed UK Nationwide

36 Months / *Prices exclude VAT

Terms & conditions apply, billed monthly

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Standard vehicle tracking features

Stay ahead of the competition with our state-of-the-art vehicle tracking solutions

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Gain real-time visibility of your entire fleet’s locations and statuses with cloud based GPS vehicle tracking software with 1-minute updates.

Tracking Mobile App

Track your fleet on the go anywhere in the world with our vehicle tracking mobile app designed for Android or iOS devices.

Detailed Vehicle Reports

Customised vehicle reporting with a comprehensive overview of a vehicle’s activity, including journey times, location, speeds and more.


Airacom tracking dashboards visually represent fleets’ key performance indicators (KPIs), including vehicle location, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, and more.


Charts offer a quick and easy way to view data related to vehicle usage, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, and much more.

Geofences Alerts

Businesses can set up virtual boundaries around specific locations and receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit these areas.

Journey Replay

Journey replay allows fleet managers to see a vehicle’s exact route, including any stops or deviations from the planned route.

Global Coverage

Airacom GPS vehicle tracking software offers global vehicle tracking capabilities to track your vehicles in real time, no matter where they are located worldwide.

Advanced Telematics

Stay connected to your assets and personnel with Cloud-Based GPS monitoring and IoT tracking

People Tracking

Improve workforce productivity, safety, and security with Airacom’s employee tracking solutions with real-time location.

Fleet Management

Optimise your fleet efficiency and increase driver safety and accountability with our advanced fleet tracking services.

Asset Tracking

Protect your plant equipment and assets with our advanced tracking system, providing real-time location updates and usage insights.

vehicle tracking faqs

Take your fleet to the next level with our innovative vehicle tracking solutions

What is vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking is a technology that uses GPS or Global Positioning System to monitor the location of a vehicle in real time. The information gathered is used to improve operational efficiency, security, and customer service.

What are the benefits of vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking has several benefits, including improved route planning, enhanced driver safety, reduced fuel costs, increased productivity, better customer service, and reduced maintenance costs.

How does vehicle tracking work?

Vehicle tracking uses GPS technology and cellular data to monitor a vehicle’s location, speed, and status in real time. The information is transmitted to a central server, where fleet managers or business owners can access and analyse it.

What kind of vehicles can be tracked?

Vehicle tracking can monitor any type of vehicle, including cars, vans, trucks, coaches, and plant equipment. We have yet to find a commercial vehicle we are unable to track.

Is vehicle tracking legal?

The use of vehicle tracking is allowed by law, provided that the individual or organization utilising it adheres to data protection and confidentiality regulations.

How much does vehicle tracking cost?

When it comes to the expenses related to tracking vehicles, there are multiple aspects that impact the overall cost. These factors range from the type of tracking system being used to the number of vehicles being tracked, and the features that are included in the package. Despite the costs, companies will find that the advantages of vehicle tracking outweigh the expenses.

How can vehicle tracking help to reduce fuel costs?

Vehicle tracking can help to reduce fuel costs by enabling fleet managers to identify inefficient driving behaviours, such as excessive idling, hard acceleration, and speeding. By correcting these behaviours, fleet managers can reduce fuel consumption and lower fuel costs.

Can vehicle tracking be used to monitor driver behaviour?

Vehicle tracking can monitor driver behaviour, such as speeding, harsh braking, and idling. Fleet managers can use this data to identify drivers who need additional training and support and can also use it to incentivize safe and efficient driving.

Can vehicle tracking be integrated with other systems?

Vehicle tracking can be integrated with other systems, such as fleet management software, telematics devices, and maintenance management systems. This integration can provide additional insights into the performance and health of a fleet, enabling fleet managers to make more informed decisions.

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