Push to Talk Location

Improve workforce utilisation with live tracking

Improve job planning and scheduling with live location to make better, faster data driven decisions around workforce utilisation.

Airacom push to locate is a live tracking and monitoring module with real-time mapping and employee location within our dispatch and command consoles. Back office teams can monitor and manage employee locations, set advanced geofence boundaries and deliver greater operational oversight.

Knowing the exact location of your employees is critical to managing their safety in emergency situations, or assigning the closest worker to the next job for speed and efficiency. Combine push to locate with Airacom’s resource management platform, and gain access to skills-based user assignments with task management to put the most suitable skills-based employee on the correct job every time.

Push to locate services

Monitor your workforce in real time to improve health and safety

Track your Field Workers

Live field worker tracking via GPS and network triangulation and indoor tracking via Bluetooth proximity beacons.

Track your Vehicle Fleet

Live vehicle fleet tracking every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, from any global location to optimise commercial operations.

Guard Patrol

Set up your security guards and patrols with QR, NFC and GPS checkpoints with randomised routes and real-time views.

Advanced Reporting

Get 360 ̊ visibility of your operation with location dashboards, business intelligence and reporting.

Skill Based Assignments

Keep track of employee availability, and put the most suitable person with the right skill on every job to Increase productivity.

Location & Communications

Integrate live location with real-time push to talk communications and collaborate everywhere.

Offline Mode

No connectivity, no problem. Data can be stored locally and submitted once restored

Emergency Alerting

Lone worker protection and emergency SOS alerting designed to protect lone and at-risk workers.

ATTENDANCE monitoring
Hotel WiFi Push to Talk

Take control of attendance and punctuality with our monitoring system

Save time and increase productivity with workforce management software to monitor employee time and attendance accurately. Capture break start and finish times, while automatically registering shift attendance through smart geofence technology, eliminating error or false attendance claims.

Improved Efficiency: Attendance monitoring software can streamline attendance tracking processes, saving time and resources for businesses.

Enhanced accountability: With Airacom attendance monitoring, you can ensure that all employees are accountable for their attendance and punctuality, making it easier for managers to address any attendance-related issues.

Better Compliance: Know which employees are on site to comply with labour laws and regulations by providing accurate and reliable attendance data.


Get more jobs completed with fewer resources with field worker tracking

Increased field worker visibility helps identify where your resources are located at all times. Combine live tracking with resource management and gain access to skills-based assignments enabling your back office operation to dispatch the correct skills-based employee to the closest job every time to better utilise your resources, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Turn location reporting off when off duty

Provide SOS, man-down and lone worker

Airacom Push to Talk over Cellular

Fleet Connect tracking software to manage your commercial operations more effectively

Fleet Connect from Airacom provides real-time data and actionable insights across your vehicle fleet. Optimise your vehicle use and improve your operational effectiveness while increasing the service levels to your customers.

Scheduled transportation management

Driver behaviour monitoring

Find the closest vehicle for job allocation

Monitor vehicle maintenance and health

Improve driver behaviour and promote safety


Increase asset visibility with our asset-tracking software

Monitor the movement of your business assets in real time and never lose track of an item again with asset management and tracking software, which can be shaped to fit your asset tracking needs.

Track usage and efficiency

Easily scales as your business grows

Provides detailed asset reports and analytics

Reduces administrational costs

Increases compliance and customer service

Managing risk

Protect your lone, vulnerable & workers at risk with lone worker and man down alerting

Health and safety law applies to all businesses, no matter how small and as an employer, you are responsible for the health and safety of your team.

Track and locate workers in real-time

Handle incoming alerts and SOS alarms

Establish urgent communication channels

Record calls between dispatchers and users

Get notifications on users entering/exiting locations

Review reports and audit logs of emergency events

Related products

Services to boost your location monitoring and communication

Push to talk over WiFi

Push to talk (PTT) over WiFi uses the existing wireless network and access points for resiliency and redundancy.

Real Time Location Services

Real time location services for indoor and outdoor tracking of personnel, assets and vehicles.

Push to Talk Software

Group communication over a highly secure wide area cellular network with national & international coverage.

LTE PoC Radios

Buy, rent or lease the latest next generation LTE PoC radios, or combine them with our PTT plans.

Rugged Smartphones

Save money on your industrial rugged smartphones and get the best tech for your business.

Resource Management

Manage your remote and frontline workforce with our all in one resource management solutions.

Create a virtual boundary and alert, monitor and report when employees enter and exist

Airacom APTT mapping software allows you to create virtual boundaries and define rules to monitor personnel, assets or vehicles effectively.

Enhance productivity

Protect against theft

Alert when users or fleets enter or leave an area

Define hazardous areas and notify users

Endless virtual boundary scenarios

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