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Monitoring Centre Software

Redefining business critical visualisation & surveillance

Increase efficiency, business continuity, safety and security with Airacom’s state of the art monitoring centre solutions. Combine the pieces to run an effective video surveillance and service engineer monitoring centre.

Video wall technology to improve real time decision making from data collected across your buildings and field workers. Airacom monitoring centre software helps

Gain a competative edge with ubiquitous wide area group communications

Sophisticated monitoring centre software to better manage your site security and safety.

Command Console
Instant Voice

Collaborate across teams and borders with instant Push to Talk.

PTTaaS Cloud

Push-to-Talk as a Service (PTTaaS) cloud-based PTT or on-premise deployments.

Task Management

Assign jobs and tasks from a central control centre and manage user tasks and shifts with digital reporting.

Shift Management

Update and send staff shift notifications, manage availability and update users in real time

Patrols & Parameter Checks

Manage checkpoints using NFC, QR codes, Bluetooth, and GPS with randomised routes.

Task Assignments

Send the right people to jobs, projects, and emergency situations based on roles and capabilities.

User Tracking

Track workers and vehicles to improve operational efficiency and remote and field worker safety.

Attendance Monitoring

Track employee time onsite with shift attendance monitoring, clock-in/out reports, and smart geofences.

Airacom monitoring centre software

Deploy effective communication, coordination and collaboration with your everyday operations and emergency situations.

Monitoring Console

Integrated CCTV

Surface your CCTV and remote IP cameras within one platform across unlimited users and dashboards. Our networked surveillance platform allows your back-office monitoring teams to view and control your security cameras across multiple sites.

IP Camera Integration

APTT integrates with a wide range of IP cameras and CCTV systems. Feeds are connected directly to our monitoring software, giving you real-time visibility and operational oversight.


Advanced AI analytics

Advanced artificial intelligence with data-driven technology to address your most complex health, safety and security challenges. From intrusion detection and perimeter protection. Our platform can monitor multiple slip, trip and fall detection events. Or notify users based on suspicious objects or dangerous operating conditions across hazardous areas.

Customise your Scenarios

Our AI-Work-Engine can be trained to deliver a broad range of operational scenarios, alerts and emergency notifications.

Airacom Monitoring Console
Construction Site WiFi
Geofence Monitoring

Create a virtual boundary and alert, monitor and report when employees enter and exist

Head office teams can use breaches to track and monitor user location, trigger alerts, or set up two-way communication between the lone worker and the operator with or without recording for safety and security.

Live alerts when users leave or enter a perimeter

Managed WiFi Services

Automatic logging of breaches

Building Management IoT

Smart building management & industrial IoT integration

Monitor, manage and control all aspects of your IoT connectivity from a single pane of glass. Building automation and management controlled directly from the monitoring console enables teams to remotely connect to any facility or site.

Control building temperature and lighting remotely

Integrate with alarm systems

Improve building efficiency and security


Lone worker protection & emergency alarm monitoring

Increase on-site safety and protect your remote and distributed workforce with effective staff and lone worker solutions, emergency notifications and SOS alerts. Keep employees safe with real-time location and dedicated communication channels.

Surface alarm notifications

Open direct channels to affected personnel

Record critical emergency events for debrief

Emergency Alarm Monitoring

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