Bus and Coach

The hotel industry is constantly growing with more than 700K hotels worldwide and in excess of 4 million hotel rooms. Covid-19 has been a transformational moment for the hospitality sector with shifting focus on digital technologies to delight customer and provide outstanding experiences.

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Advance your organisation’s customer satisfaction and delight your guest’s with great experiences from the front desk to housekeeping, security and concierge. Reclaim time and make your teams more efficient to enhance your reputation. Airacom push to talk the wide-area two-way radio replacement for hotels.


Group calling maintains lines of communication between vehicles, drivers and back-office dispatchers


Simply and easily track vehicles and their movements and get notifications when a vehicle enters or exits a zone


Protect your most important assets with SOS alarms and lone worker protection in and out of the vehicle


Easily dispatch your drivers to any job site, delivery address or customer pickup location


Push-to-Talk with secure end-to-end encryption, secure authentication and data encryption


Airacom APTT offers near national and global coverage over any 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, WiFi and Satelite network


Effectively and safely manage large numbers of people in fast-moving emergency situations


Reduce fleet operating costs, improve driver safety and better manage compliance

Transform your vehicle fleets with near national push to talk

Move people and cargo safely and efficiently with instant, reliable communications

MDT-5000 mobile terminal designed for heavy-duty truck, coach and van fleet management, combined with field use across warehouse, logistics, construction and industrial applications.


Instant communication to improve the guest experience while keeping hotel staff informed, collaborating and safe

Modernise your legacy systems with an intelligent platform for effective site and multi-site team collaboration and communication. Airacom business-critical push-to-talk, leading the way in mobility.

  • Cost-effective group communication solution
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Instantly connect fleets and drivers
  • Increase safety and security
  • Discreet and simple accessories
  • Quickly react to changing situations
Bus Communications

APTTONE Cloud with panic alerting the walkie talkie alternative protecting bus drivers in and out of the vehicle

Protect your employees at all times with Airacom push-to-alert panic button and SoS alerting. Provide the safety solutions to assist staff working alone, and in potentially vulnerable situations both in and out of the vehicle.

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Remove the limitations of walkie talkies and foster collaboration across your operations with joined-up communications

Mobile working is transforming businesses and industries around the world. Airacom push-to-talk offers increased productivity, expanded services and unified group communications for enhanced collaboration.

Hotel Two Way Radios

Accelerate change in four ways

  • Technology innovation 
    Digital transformation evolution through IT and OT convergence to keep up with disruption and go beyond efficiency.
  • Flexible packages and terms 
    Only pay for the services and modules you need and avoid expensive overprovisioning.
  • Scale-up and down
    Scalable capacity is ready when you need it to better manage contingency planning or disaster recovery helping to reduce your costs.
  • Managed services for you
    We offer fully managed business communications and cloud services allowing you to free up resources.

Be up and running in hours

  • Choose the plan you need
    Select from a range of business push-to-talk plans and services spanning multi-network SIM provisions and industry-specific tariffs.
  • Get transparent pricing on hardware and devices
    Mobile device hardware for every industry and scenario. Talk to our team to understand pricing and bundle options.
  • We move swiftly 
    Place your push to talk order and we will have you provisioned, tested and running within hours.
  • Procurement options to protect your budget 
    Why buy when you can protect valuable working capital and lease the hardware you need with flexible terms.
Hotel Two Way Radio System
Hotel Push to Talk Radios

Outpace legacy platforms

  • Application driven  
    Digital transformation through IT and OT convergence to keep up with disruption and go beyond efficiency.
  • Security and encryption
    Our priority is protecting your sensitive data and systems using high cybersecurity and end-to-end encryption measures.
  • Lifecycle management 
    Multi-phased approach to planning, designing and implementation with a total lifecycle and ecosystem support.
  • Gain agility and avoid capital costs
    Secure cloud, fully managed and supported on global infrastructure with redundant servers, 24x7x365 monitoring and more.

Mobile devices for hotel operations

Empower your mobile workforce with the right tools to communicate and collaborate to help get work done faster, safer and more effectively.


Surface data to help hotel management better run their operations

Critical communications requires critical data, analytics and business intelligence across your technology stack to make informed decisions across large multi-location educational institutions

Airacom Industrial IoT and Sensor Integration
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Bring data into your organisation from databases to sensors and IoTs for reporting and analysis

Airacom CCTV Integration
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Integrate your CCTV for unified distribution and analysis from a single console and combine AI

Airacom Building Management IOT Integration
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Management and control of security, monitoring and maintenance across your building

Location Push to Talk Communications
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Monitor the location and status of school transportation, teachers and field trips with alerting