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Rugged mobile devices for harsh & hostile conditions

Upgrade to Durable Rugged and Industrial Mobile Devices for Global Operations. Enhance your fieldwork with devices built to withstand harsh environments. Our expert team is ready to guide you in selecting the right rugged mobile devices for your needs.

Enhanced Durability: Withstand harsh conditions, drops, and impacts.

Longer Lifespan: Reliable performance in extreme environments.

Cost Effective: Reduce replacement and repair costs.

Improved Productivity: Keep your field-workers and industrial teams connected and collaborating with the lastest industrial rugged enterprise mobility.

Complete our short form and a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss our wide range of industrial rugged devices for your project.

Rugged mobility

Explore our range of industrial & rugged mobile devices for field teams

PoC Radios

PoC radios offer instant communication, GPS tracking, and group chat features for real-time with near global coverage.

Two Way Radios

Two-way radios provide reliable, instant, hands-free communication with a durable design for seamless team collaboration.

Rugged Devices

Get the latest ultra rugged mobile devices designed for industrial use to withstand water, dust and harsh conditions.

Ex Certified Smartphones

Advanced intrinsically safe mobile devices for global hazardous zone 1 and zone 2 areas for inspections and maintenance.


Next generation wearable voice and data communications for improved hands free productivity and safety.

Hire Equipment

Two-way radio equipment hire with flexible rental options and technical support for short and long term events and projects.

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