Gigabit Scheme.

Did you know you can upgrade to an ultrafast 1GB leased line using the UK Gigabit scheme? – The UK government is providing up to £210m worth of voucher funding as immediate help for people experiencing slow broadband speeds in rural areas.

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Gigabit Scheme.

Private super fast internet up to 10Gbps dedicated to your business for speed and reliability.


Get the same upload and download speeds with symmetrical leased lines to run business apps.


Unlike broadband, there are no usage caps or data volume limits and no additional data charges.


A private leased line provides less chance of sensitive or personal data being intercepted in transit.

What is a leased line and how does it work?

A leased line is a high-capacity dedicated internet connection that is leased exclusively by you or your business. With a Leased Line connection, you will benefit from 100% of the bandwidth because your internet connection isn’t shared with anyone else.

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Cloud Business Phone Systems
Cloud Business Phone Systems

Superfast dedicated internet access

We provide you with a dedicated, private symmetrical internet connection with equal download and upload speeds directly to your office and workspaces. As our internet connection to you is not shared by anyone else you can rely on consistent speeds and reliable connectivity, even at peak times.

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No usage limits

Unlike traditional business broadband, there are no usage caps on the volume of data you can transfer. Even when your teams are running at their busiest, your business will not face additional charges or unexpected bills for exceeding your data allowance.

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Cloud Business Phone Systems

Business cloud phone systems.

A cloud-based or hosted phone system gives your teams the flexibility to take and make calls from almost anywhere using their dedicated office desk phones, staff computers and laptops or via their smartphones. Unlock the flexibility of the modern workplace with Airacom Cloud phone systems for SME, Enterprise and Home Working teams.

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Frequently asked Questions

Business leased lines

What is a leased line and how does it work?

A leased line is a private communications circuit that connects multiple sites. It’s a dedicated line, meaning it’s an exclusive connection for your business, so you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else. This guarantees internet speed and stability, even during peak times.

How fast is a leased line?

Airacom’s dedicated leased lines will deliver symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps. Allowing your business to benefit from equally fast upload and download speeds at any time of day. Meaning your business can scale and perform at pace.

What are the different types of leased lines?

The best way to choose a leased line service for your business is to understand what the business requires. Our network solutions team can provide you with support, information and advice, and we do not charge.

If you are looking for a reliable internet connection for your business, then leased lines would be advantageous. However, if you have multiple sites and need them all connected then MPLS or WAN services could make for better network options.

  • Ethernet Leased Lines – Guaranteed bandwidth delivered on a dedicated fibre circuit and scalable internet speeds up to 10Gbps up and down. Services are backed up by industry-leading SLAs with 99.9% target availability, proactive monitoring, and guaranteed repair times. Ideal for organisations that require stable, guaranteed connectivity with dedicated bandwidth for business-critical applications.
  • Fibreflex 200 – Guaranteed 200 Mbps with burstable capabilities of up to 1Gbps in both directions. A fully featured ethernet grade service with fibre from the exchange shared across a limited number of end-users. Ideal for businesses looking to maintain an exceptionally fast connection and accommodate the occasional need for more bandwidth at no extra cost. Service and reliability is backed with the same (SLAs) service level agreements as our ethernet leased lines.
  • Ethernet over FTTC – This is a cost-effective hybrid solution for many businesses offering uncontended internet speeds of up to 20Mbps. Ideal for businesses who require consistent, reliable bandwidth at an affordable price with the best business SLAs available. EoFTTC delivers Ethernet-style service capabilities via superfast broadband technology. Speeds are guaranteed and the service is supported 24/7/365 with pro-active monitoring.

Connectivity for business.

Smarter working, more agility, better security.

With digital transformation high on the agenda, today’s businesses are looking to improve productivity, increase collaborative team working, attract more diverse talent and speed up business decisions.

Phone + broadband.

Get connected and save your business money with high speed fibre and cloud phone system package.

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Fast fibre broadband.

Converge voice and data on a single Broadband connection and enjoy super-fast productivity boosting internet speeds.

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Private ethernet networks.

Connect multiple sites with next generation networking using our MPLS-based WAN for security, reliability and performance.

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Software defined WAN (SD-WAN).

Get total visibility and control over your network with enterprise-grade SD-WAN to serve your applications differently.

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Business broadband.

See why business broadband shouldn’t be expensive with Airacom. Get more from your internet service provider.

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Business mobile broadband.

Ultra-fast mobile Broadband and cellular WiFi access points to work seamlessly and securely in the field, office or at home.

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Government gigabit scheme.

The UK government Gigabit scheme offers SMEs a grant of £2,500 towards an efficient, reliable and ultrafast lease line of up to 1Gb.

Get a £2500!* gigabit voucher