Connect Workers with Mission Critical Data

Locate assets, people and improve user safety
Intrinsically Safe Mobility

Connecting the future, cutting-edge mobile solutions

Intrinsically Safe Devices

Industrial ATEX Mobile Devices

Communication is the backbone of any business. Companies operating within hazardous areas demand ultra-rugged, intrinsically safe mobile device to increase productivity and user safety

Mobile Connectivity 

Industrial Internet of Things Connectivity

Airacom provides hard to reach, remote locations with ultra-rugged, certified Wireless access points, Cellular and Satellite services connecting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Airacom Applications

Airacom Applications

Airacom location based lone worker protection and mobile device encryption Apps help companies better manage workers operating alone, in high-risk and sometimes dangerous locations

Lone Worker Protection 

ATEX Lone Worker

Real-time location system to better manage assets, users, alarm handling and notifications across Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and Wireless infrastructure. Gain visibility and locate whats important