Intrinsically Safe Mobility

Leading the way in intrinsically safe smartphones and game-chaging explosion proof mobility solutions for Ex hazardous areas

Real-Time Location System

Managing assets, people and vehicles across Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and Wireless Infrastructure. Innovate faster and become more agile

AirGuard Lone Worker App

AirGuard lone worker safety application with Bluetooth iBeacons and NFC tags to monitor, track and locate everything in real-time

Industrial IoT

Airacom focuses on cutting edge mobile challenges around intrinsically safe smartphone mobility, real-time location (RTLS) and IoT

Intrinsically Safe Smartphone Mobility. Connect the Project Site with the Office

Airacom focuses on cutting edge mobile challenges around intrinsically safe smartphones, real-time location (RTLS) and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) within hazardous areas.

Why you should choose us?

Intrinsically safe communications is the backbone of any business operating within remote, harsh & hazardous areas. Airacom’s suite of intrinsically safe smartphones, lone worker protection and mobile encryption applications, connects the field to the office.

Mobile solutions designed for industrial users. Delivering user safety and productivity enhancements across all devices. Keep operations moving with mission critical information for unprecedented productivity. And prepare for operational benefits, connect enterprise mobility applications and empower your field-force.

Seeing beyond your field-workers. Eliminate error-prone manual processes with asset tracking, inventory management, maintenance management and work inspection solutions.

Mobile Security

Protect critical national infrastructure (CNI) and business secrets with full-stack, multi-layered security architecture. Airacom provides industrial and business communications solutions with military level voice and messaging encryption. Run communications software across your Enterprise designed to offer superior protection against malicious interference and attacks.

Percentage of all mobile devices encounter a threat each month
Percentage of mobile apps which would fail basic security tests
Many Enterprises admit it is unlikely they will detect a sophisticated threat
A proportion of Enterprises admitted there is no real-time visibility on cyberattacks

Intrinsically Safe Smartphones

Businesses looking to mobilise field-workers with industrial intrinsically safe smartphones and data devices. Tough explosion proof mobile devices.

Mobile Encryption & Security

Protect critical national infrastructure with secure multi-layered security architecture and military encrypted messaging and voice-calls.

Intrinsically Safe Tablets

Capture field-data with intrinsically safe tablets. Android and Windows explosion proof mobility zones 1 and 2 certified.

IT Networking & PBX Solutions

Dedicated IT support and phone system solutions, break-fix and structured cabling. Receive your desk phone-calls within the hazardous area.

Real-time location System

Accurately locate assets, people and vehicles in real-time. Protect lone-workers, increase health and safety at work indoors and outdoors.

Oil and Mining Logistics

Providing our industrial partners with logistics solutions to optimise their value chain. Personnel and crew logistics from our visa division.

Protect Your Personal Information and Business Secrets

Full-stack, multi-layered security architecture with Military level encrypted communication software offers superior protection against malicious interference and attacks

Easily track lone workers. Download the brochure

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