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Eliminate error-prone manual processes with Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Maintenance Management and work inspection solutions using Airacom intrinsically safe Smartphone Mobility and Real-Time Location Services (RTLS).

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Intrinsically safe communications is the backbone of any business operating within remote, harsh & hazardous areas. Airacom mobility and RTLS solutions connects the field to the office with mission critical information for unprecedented productivity. Prepare for operational benefits, connect enterprise mobility applications, empower your field-force.

Airacom RTLS

Manage assets, improve visibility & increase user safety


Increase operational efficiency and gain a much greater return on investment through Airacom RTLS and Smart mobility to better manage your operations. Control how and where your fieldworkers are engaged, giving them the ability to respond quicker with the necessary resources and remote accessibility to time-critical data, while securing lone workers through robust safety systems.