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Kirisun digital two way radios for teams

Discover Kirisun’s professional two-way radio solutions, celebrated for their unwavering innovation and reliability. Offering a diverse range of communication solutions, Kirisun tailors its radios to suit any industry’s needs. From compact handheld portables to rugged vehicle communications, Kirisun radios deliver impressive range and crystal-clear audio quality, ensuring seamless communication in any environment.

Kirisun Portable Two Way  Radios
Kirisun Radio COmmunication

Explore our range of digital two way radios from leading brands

Kirisun DP405 Two Way Radio


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Kirisun DP485 Two Way Radio


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Kirisun DP480 Two Way Radio


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Kirisun DP405S Two Way Radio


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Kirisun DR600 Radio Repeater


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Kirisun TM840 Vehicle Mobile Radio


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All prices ex VAT, unless stated otherwise. Finance subject to status and credit checks, 18+, Direct Debit. You can upgrade at any time, subject to paying off the outstanding balance of your credit agreement.

Digital Two Way Radios

Power up your business with Kirisun two way radios to enhance operational efficiency and team collaboration

Retail Two Way Radio Leasing
Construction: Site radios for instant two way group communication

Eliminate noise interference with Kirisun’s digital radios. Ensure crystal-clear communication for crew coordination, one-to-one and group collaboration. Increase site safety and improve project execution.

Retail Two Way Radio Leasing
Security: Strengthen your teams situational awareness and response

Empower security personnel with instant information sharing, efficient patrol coordination, and emergency alerts (including lone worker functionality) for enhanced team safety and faster response times.

Retail Two Way Radio Leasing
Events: Streamline event operations behind the scenes & front of house

Achieve seamless backstage coordination and efficient crowd management with Kirisun radios. Communicate and manage logistics swiftly while addressing issues discreetly, ensuring a flawless event experience.

Retail Two Way Radio Leasing
Retail: Drive store efficiency and increase customer service

Foster a more responsive team environment with Kirisun radios. Staff can request assistance, check inventory, and address customer inquiries fast, leading to enhanced operational efficiency and improved customer service.

Kirisun Digital Radio 4-Pack
Kirisun DP480 Digital Portable Radio Four Pack

Save 35% with the Kirisun DP480 digital radio 4-pack

The Kirisun DP480 digital portable radio, in UHF/VHF, offers unparalleled reliability and clarity. Available as a four-pack, customers save while ensuring seamless team connectivity. With advanced features and robust design, the DP480 ensures efficient communication, ideal for businesses seeking dependable radios.

Get a Kirisun Radio quote

Looking for a Kirisun two way radio quote?

In need of a Kirisun two-way radio quote? Look no further. Our team offers competitive pricing on the full range of Kirisun radios tailored to your needs. From compact portable radios to in-vehicle solutions, we provide quotes that fit your budget and requirements. Contact us today for a personalised quote and discover the perfect communication solution for your business.

Seamless Radio Communications

Take your communication to the next level with the DR600 radio repeater system

The Kirisun DR600 is a powerful radio system designed to extend the range and enhance the clarity of your two-way radio communications, ensuring your team stays connected wherever they work.

Extended Coverage: The Kirisun DR600 repeater eliminates signal dead zones and ensures crystal-clear communication across a wider area. This solution is ideal for warehouses, construction sites, remote locations, or any environment where clear communication over long distances is critical.

Enhanced Signal Strength: The DR600 boasts robust amplification capabilities to overcome signal obstacles and provide reliable connections for your entire team.

Digital and Analog Compatibility: Works seamlessly with digital and analogue radios, protecting your investment in your existing radio fleet while enabling future upgrades.

Multiple Channels: Supporting a variety of channels, allowing you to create dedicated channels for different teams or operations.

Explore the full Kirison DP4000 series of professional radios

Experience unmatched communication with Kirison DP4000 series radios. These portable radios are designed for reliability and crystal clear communication wherever your team works and offer clear audio, Bluetooth®, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Benefit from competitive pricing on the entry-level DP405 and the full-keypad DP480 analogue and digital radios. Stay connected, stay productive, and explore Kirison radios today.

Kirisun Portable Radio Range
Analogue Kirisun Two Way Radios

Analogue radios: Reliable two way communications

Analogue two-way radios provide dependable communication across diverse environments. They feature easy operation and clear audio and offer a cost-effective solution for effective communication requirements.

Improve team collaboration with digital portable radios

Improve your team’s communication with game-changing digital portable radios that do not break the bank. Get expert support and robust radios from leading two-way radio brands offering advanced features like enhanced audio clarity and longer battery life, with the reliability you need to keep your team collaborating.

Digital Kirisun Portable Radios
Ofcom Registered
Two Way Radio Rental Sordin
Motorola Two Way Radios
Hytera Two Way Radios
Two Way Radio Hire Kenwood
Two Way Radio Hire 3M Peltor
ICO Registered
Two Way Radio Hire iCOM
Business Radio Hire Vertex Standard
Portable Two Way Radio Hire Uniden
Siyata Portable Two Way Radios
Poly Business Phone Systems
retail radio leasing

Efficient radio leasing in the UK with nationwide support

Radio leasing in the UK offers efficient communication solutions. With flexible leasing options and tailored packages, businesses can access the latest radio technology without upfront costs. From short-term to long-term leases, companies benefit from reliable communication systems designed to meet their specific needs.

Broadband push to talk: Next generation voice

Broadband Push-to-Talk (PTT) offers efficient communication solutions. With instant connectivity over cellular networks, businesses can enhance team coordination and response times. Broadband PTT solutions provide reliable communication in various industries, from construction to security, ensuring seamless connectivity across diverse environments.

What is Push to Talk over Cellular

Broadband WiFi Push-to-Talk Services

Explore Resource Management

Retail Store Radio Systems
Construction Site Two Way Radios

Buy walkie talkies online with next day delivery

Buying walkie talkies for next-day delivery offers swift communication solutions. With our streamlined ordering process, businesses can quickly acquire the necessary equipment for seamless team communication. Enjoy the convenience of next-day delivery and ensure your team stays connected without delay.

Motorola Solutions

Analogue Portable Radios

Digital Portable Radios

Push to Talk over Cellular Radios

Invest in digital two-way radio systems for your business, school or charity

Beyond the equipment, Airacom provides comprehensive two way radio system support. Unleash crystal-clear communications and upgrade to Airacom’s robust and reliable digital two-way radio systems to enhance your team’s efficiency.

We offer complete packages, including portable radios, system design, installation, and long-term support, to businesses, schools, and charities of all sizes.

Uxbridge Two Way Radio Hire

Digital two way radio experts, give us a call

Airacom Cloud Hosted Communications

Digital Radios

Looking to upgrade or buy digital radios for your school, charity or business? Tell us about your radio project, and our team will get in touch.

Airacom Unified Communications

Contact US

Need to upgrade your radio system or hire radios on short and long term radio projects? Contact sales: 0330 175 8374

Airacom VoIP Cloud Hosted Communications

Radio Systems

Reach our retail two way radio sales team today, and we will help you find the best radio solution for your project.

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Two Way Radio Solutions
Broadband PTT
A880 PoC Digital Radio
Digital Portable Radios

Browse our range of digital two way radios from leading radio manufacturers.

Analogue Radios
Motorola DP1400 Digital Radio
Analogue Radios

Huge saving on analogue two way radios to buy, rent or hire for events and business.

Motorola Radios
Motorola Digital Radio
Motorola Solutions

Buy, rent or lease Motorola two way radio solutions with all the necessary accessories.

Expanding group collaboration

Explore our range of portable two way radio services for teams

Motorola Portable Radios to Buy, Rent or Lease

Get next day delivery across a wide range of Motorola retail store two way radios to boost team collaboration.

Retail Store Mobile WiFi Broadband Backup

Boost your retail stores access to data with quick-setup broadband. Our no-install WiFi enables effective connectivity.

PTT Workforce Management Solutions for Teams

Manage your entire frontline using remote workforce management software to optimise your frontline retail workforce.

Mission Critical Push to Talk Group Communications

Explore our range of business critical ultra-wide area coverage radios connecting retail projects from site to site.

Flexible Two Way Radio System Leasing from 1 to 5 years

Leasing radios from Airacom removes the need for a significant upfront investment, preserving your working capital.

Broadband Push to Talk for Indoor & Outdoor Networks

Use Airacom push to talk over any public or private WiFi hotspot or corporate network without cellular data.

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