Dispatch console for desk workers.

Managing a remote workforce’s mission-critical and day-to-day operations relies on communication lines that are always open and available. It requires robust and dependable technology to support and secure field workers.

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Instant Group Communication

For Android and iOS smartphones & tablets.

Global reach

Wide-area coverage over 3G, 4G LTE & WiFi.

Dispatch Console

Communicate & manage users from the office.

Multi-session dispatch console that serves as a command and control center.

Manage hundreds of remote workers across security, transportation, retail, manufacturing amongst many other industry sectors worldwide using the Airacom dispatch console. Provide controllers with wide-ranging functionality that enables individual and group communications, emergency (SOS), assistance, location monitoring, and more.

Platform features.


Automatic location information when SOS button is clicked.

Event Management

Discreet feedback on alert treatment progress.

Call Types

Push-to-Talk one-to-one and large group calling.

Voice Recording

Calls between the user and Dispatcher are recorded while in alarm event.


PTT Session Priorities

Urgent Announcement sessions established by Dispatchers only.

Alarm Events Management

Handle incoming alerts and managing SOS priority calls / events.


Receive notifications on staff entering or leaving specific zones.

Unified Management

Easily unify multiple sources of information.

End-to-end Push-To-Talk solution.

Easy to install and use, with no modifications required. The Airacom dispatch console supports up to 6 simultaneous connected sessions, with multi-functional map view for more efficient workforce management.

Geo-fencing & unified management.

Easily unify multiple sources of information under one screen, and get notifications on staff entering and leaving specific zones or pre-defined locations you control.

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