Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC).

Connect groups and teams worldwide with instant push-to-talk calls using your smartphone or tablet. Benefit from global coverage across any 3G, 4G LTE cellular network, low latency and low costs.

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Push-to-Talk with near unlimited coverage.


Mobile devices for all use-cases.


Great deals for your business.

Group-Wide Push-to-Talk over any 3G, 4G & LTE IP Network.

Consolidate with a single device & increase operational efficiency. Employees want to leverage the convenience of mobile applications without the need of managing multiple devices. Airacom PTT solutions help remove that complexity by enabling a customer to consolidate to a single device platform and deploy push-to-talk across smartphones to increase productivity and drive efficiency in its workforce.

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Solutions for modern businesses.

Professional group-wide instant communication for teams. Carry a single Android or iOS smartphone or tablet device, and broadcast across user-groups removing the need to carry two-way radios. Benefit from near global coverage over any 3G, 4G LTE and WiFi IP Network.




per user / £84 year.




per user / £120 year.




per user / £168 year.




per console / £480 year.

Remove Costly Radio Upgrades and Switch to Airacom PTT.

The cost of upgrading outdated analog infrastructure and two-way radio devices can run in the thousands of pounds, and put a tremendous burden on businesses and government agencies that deploy and maintain two-way radio system networks. This level of expense can now be reduced or avoided by replacing existing radio system infrastructure with Airacom Push-to-Talk over Cellular solutions.

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Remove costly radio upgrades and switch to PTT.

Upgrading outdated, analog two-way radio infrastructure is both time-consuming and costly. It put’s a tremendous burden on businesses and government agencies that maintain and continually expand two-way radio systems and networks.

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Deals to move your business forward.


Get 3 Months free

push-to-talk for

your business.

Offer via a 24 month push-to-talk plan when purchased with any TE-390, TE-580 and TE-590 series smart POC radio.

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24 Month plan. Minimum of five users, mobile network SIM plan not included.

TE-390 LTE Smart Radio

Free 4G LTE

tablet upgrade.

Aegex10 Android tablets get a free upgrade from WLAN to WLAN + 4G LTE. Keeping hazardous area professionals connected, mobile and efficient.

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Aegex10 Android 5.1, 6.0 tablets only. Minimum order quantity ten tablets.

Unified and flexible field-force solutions.

Designed for hazardous area professionals. The rugged and explosion proof, IS520.1 intrinsically safe smartphone, extends fieldworker capability across Zone 1, and Division 1 hazardous locations.

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Connect the project site

High-speed wireless network solutions, connecting people, data and machines.

Mobilise the workforce

Instant Push-to-Talk for professional workers and teams.

Protect the team

Real-time visibility across your workforce, pin-point personnel location.

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