Device homolgation.

Mobile device manufacturers can send their mobile devices for homologation testing to obtain Airacom APTT Push-to-Talk certification.

Complete the online device homologation form and we will be intouch

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Airacom leads the way in mobility as one of the leading providers of mission-critical group communications and workforce management solutions. Our ubiquitous push-to-talk technology keeps teams connected and collaborating wherever work takes you.

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What is homologation?

Why should a manufacturer homologate devices?

Excellent question? – Device homologation is important because it allows our team to fully test device and application compatibility before the solution arrives with an end user.

What are the benefits of homologation?

There are many benefits from a manufacturers standpoint. Enterprise clients are more invested when hardware and software can be demonstrated to add value. Homologation is the first stage in proofing both hardware and software ‘the solution’ works.

Homologating devices means we can provide assurance to end-users and offer a better user experience from the outset.

Where is the value in homologating devices with Airacom?

Clients, today look to reduce costs within their business while improving performance, efficiencies and safety. The Airacom APTT push-to-talk application adds value by turning traditional smartphones and tablets into effective group communications devices. Removing the need to buy, run and manage expensive two-way radios and radio systems.

What this means for traditional smartphone and tablet manufacturers is more hardware sales as customers look to standardise on single device platforms vs. buying multiple devices to do more than one function.

What is the reach of Airacom to a manufacturer?

Airacom operates globally across six continents both directly and indirectly through a global network of partners, resellers and systems integrators ranging from the very small, to the very large including MNOs, mobile network operators.

Our reach is quite vast, operating across many industry verticles and sectors, which allows our team and channel to position the right equipment with confidence.

Is it available in my country?

Yes, we work with manufacturers globally across all countries and of all sizes to approve hardware compatibility with our software solutions – with exception of those countries within our sanctions policy conditions.

Device testing process

How do we get started?

In the first instance, we would ask you to complete our online request form. You can find a link at the top of this page. Once complete, a member of our team will reach out and discuss the next steps.

Where are the devices shipped to?

Devices being sent for homologation are sent to our UK research and development centre. All address information is provided within the homologation sign up forms we provide you.

How long does homologation take?

Device testing is not an exact science, but we aim to have each model tested within four to six weeks. Testing is both conducted within our facility, in addition to field-tested. Devices arriving as new will likely incur a degree of wear and tear as they are handled.

Can I send more than one device at a time?

Yes, you can. We can test multiple devices per manufacturer, however, please note there is a typical lead-time of between 4-6 weeks per model.

Do we give devices back at the end of testing?

Yes, we can. If you prefer to have the devices back once testing has finished you can arrange for a collection and our team will do the rest in terms of making the device ready for transit.

Our preference would be to retain the device on the basis software ‘applications are always being updated. By having a model within the business to refer back to we can make sure that our application is compatible.

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