Hazardous Area Tablets

Digital Transformation

We help companies operating across many sectors improve worker safety and increase communications and collaboration with next-generation hazardous area tablets

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Airacom Sensor Integration

Evolve your field operations to maximise productivity and workforce safety

Embed Professional Push to Talk

Airacom Push to Talk platform, turning hazardous area tablets into effective wide-area communications devices

Outpace your Competitors

Combine analytics, automation and a robust business critical mobility strategy to optimise operations

Operational Technology (OT)

Modernisation and digitisation rely on effective communication, collaboration and data visualisation

Ex Smartphone Mobility

Need a smaller device? – Checkout our intrinsically safe and explosion-proof hazardous area smartphones

Zone 1, Division 1

Hazardous Area Tablets

To survive and grow, companies must compete on a technological front, merging IT and OT to streamline business processes and generate insights for faster, more reactive decision making

Zone 2, Division 2

Hazardous Area Tablets

Combine hazardous area tablets with Airacom APTT to communicate instantly at a touch of a button with near-global coverage over any public or private 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi network

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In the office, out on-site or on the move. Airacom hazardous area smartphones allow internal and external teams to connect, work and collaborate effortlessly

Hazardous Area Smartphone

A system to boost productivity and profitability across your service business. Instant PTT communication using the latest explosion-proof smartphones. Streamline collaboration and fieldworker safety

Hazardous Area Smartphones

Outpace the competition and address your most complex and critical challenges. Upgrade ground handling teams to next-generation hazardous area smartphones. We can give you six reasons why

Hazardous Area Smartphones

Boost productivity and profitability upstream, downstream and midstream with instant communication and collaboration to streamline work and improve safety when using hazardous area smartphones


What are zone 1 hazardous areas?

Areas in which an explosive gas, vapour or mist atmosphere regularly occurs in normal working operation. In this instance, hazardous area tablets certified for zone 1 or division 1 are used instead of zone 2 or division 2 offering increaesd safety

What are zone 2 hazardous areas?

Areas in which an explosive gas atmosphere will not likely occur in normal operation and, if it occurs, will only exist for a short time

Why should we partner with Airacom?

We help create industries of the future with the modernisation of mission-critical group communications and workforce management solutions to prioritise safety, reliability, and availability.

Can we run Airacom PTT on a hazardous area tablets?

In short, yes you can. Airacom Push to Talk (PTT) is agnostic across operating systems and device types. Meaning, our group communications platform works on most tablets and smartphones. Check out our Supported Devices page

How can you help us control costs?

We can rationalise existing costs by replacing outdated legacy equipment, helping you make the most of existing budgets and investments while reducing the need to buy equipment at unpredictable costs. We can also move you away from a capital to an OPEX model by migrating your operations away from expensive, inflexible technology

How do you help customers address scalability issues?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that many industries are susceptible to expanding and compressing their operations. Airacom addresses this need through flexible contracting, which enables you to scale as and when you need to without incurring penalties.

Why should we choose Airacom?

We know your operations must comply with strict data retention and security regulations, no matter the scale of your business. From business-critical hardware to mission-critical communications and workforce management, security, encryption and data protection – Airacom has the solutions to ensure your business always remains compliant and up-to-date

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