Rugged Tablets

Industrial Outdoor Devices

Rugged smartphones for outdoor, extreme and all-weather working. Tough rugged smartphone technology designed for every industry
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Get business done anywhere with rugged, and reliable enterprise mobility connecting the field to the office

Collaborate across teams and time zones with Airacom APTT business-critical push to talk platform using the latest industrial rugged smartphones with near-global coverage over any IP network.


Business critical communications over a wide-area is key to keeping oilfield workers connected and safe


Aviation starts on the ground managing assets, engineers and vehicles with industrial enterprise mobility


Pharma can benefit from reduced paperwork, increased productivity and improved production control


Harness enterprise mobility to improve manufacturing efficiency and optimise global operations


Hazardous area smartphones provide mining operations with on-the-move access to critical information


Enterprise mobility provides real-time monitoring, driver status and PODs with near-global group communication


From ship to shore, the whole team can talk, listen, and help solve business-critical situations increasing productivity


Gain greater field force enablement and data capture using the latest hazardous area smartphones


Rugged Tablets

No nonsense work everywhere devices





Trade in and trade upĀ 

We can buy back your old rugged smartphones so that you can upgrade to the latest technology and maximise productivity and workforce safety.

Evolve retail operations

Use Cases

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

In the office, on the shop-floor or on the move, retail outlets of all sizes benefit by switching to Airacom LTE PoC radios allowing internal and external teams to connect, work and collaborate effortlessly

LTE POC Devices

Security firms require flexibility in managing geographically dispersed teams. Rugged smartphones with PTT offers near-global coverage

LTE PoC Devices

Global police forces are switching to PTT rugged smartphones for maximum coverage, security and data encryption to protect their officers

LTE PoC Radios

Transport companies use rugged smartphones with Airacom PTT to reduce costs, collect PODs and communicate with drivers

LTE Poc Radios

Authorities are switching to unified group communications using rugged smartphones keeping geographically dispersed teams in touch

Healthcare Push to Talk Communications

Hospitals and nursing homes are switching to 4G and WiFi-enabled rugged smartphones with Airacom APTT for instant communications

Push to Talk Radios

Sporting events, festivals, entertainment and filming crews use Airacom PTT with rugged smartphones for rapid setup and wide-area coverage