Motorola DP2400e Digital MOTOTRBO radio

Introducing the MOTOTRBO DP2400e digital Motorola radio, a redefined workhorse of a radio. The Motorola DP2400e combines durability and ergonomic design for confident, effortless handling. With extended range, customisable audio settings, and seamless integration, the Motorola DP2400e ensures reliability throughout your project site.

Experience unparalleled clarity, block out background noise, and easily integrate the DP2400e radio across your team. Contact us today about buying, hiring, or leasing the Motorola DP2400e radio.

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Motorola DP2400e Digital Radio
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DP2400e Digital & Analogue Radios

Motorola DP2400e digital radio solutions built for uninterrupted two way group communication:

Compatible with the entire MOTOTRBO radio family, the DP2400e delivers superior audio quality, exceptional coverage, and extended battery life. Available as either digital VHF or UHF, the Motorola DP2400e is also available in analogue with crisp digital voice communication and a simple software upgrade path to make the DP2400e digital when needed.

Our team provide group communications to connect critical industries and teams at the press of a button.

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Motorola DP2400e overview

Motorola DP2400e two way radio with crystal clear audio:

Stay connected and informed with the Motorola DP2400e’s exceptional audio capabilities. Advanced noise-cancellation technology (SINC+) filters out background noise, ensuring your voice is transmitted clearly, even in loud environments like construction sites or busy warehouses. You can be confident you’ll hear every word, and your colleagues will hear you loud and clear too.

Motorola Digital Two Way Radios

Motorola DP2400e built to last:

Stay productive in challenging environments with the Motorola DP2400e. Built to military standards (Mil-Std-810) for durability, it withstands drops, moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures. Its ergonomic design makes the Motorola DP2400e digital radio comfortable to hold and use during extended use so that you can focus on critical tasks.

Rugged Portability: The Motorola DP2400e’s IP55 rating allows it to withstand drops, bumps, and harsh weather conditions.

Military Grade Durability: Bult tough to survive drops, bumps and shocks meeting demanding US military standards.

DP2400e digital core radio features:

The Motorola DP2400e has features designed to enhance communication and streamline workflows. Here are the top four specifications that highlight its core capabilities:

Crystal-Clear Audio: Advanced noise suppression technology (SINC+) ensures clear voice transmission even in loud environments.

Long Battery Life: Stay connected for up to 26.5 hours per charge, meaning you can work a full shift without worrying about the radio dying.

Multiple Channels: Program up to 64 channels for teams or operations within your organisation, reducing congestion and improving communication efficiency.

Customisable Options: Compatible with a wide range of audio accessories and remote speaker mics RSMs to increase productivity.

Easy to Use: The intuitive design with a large PTT button and clear display makes operation effortless, even for users with minimal experience with radios.

Motorola DP2400e radio solutions

Motorola DP2400e Digital

The DP2400e MOTOTRBO digital radios are available in both VHF and UHF models. The basic package includes:

Motorola DP2400e Digital Radio (VHF or UHF)


Single Unit Charger


Belt Clip

In Box Documentation

24-Month Warranty on the Radio, not Accessories

Motorola DP2400e Analogue

The DP2400e MOTOTRBO is available in both VHF and UHF analogue radio models. The basic package includes:

Motorola DP2400e Analogue Radio (VHF or UHF)


Single Unit Charger


Belt Clip

In Box Documentation

24-Month Warranty on the Radio, not Accessories

Motorola DP2400e Bundles

Our low-cost monthly lease bundle includes X10 radios with accessories and fixed monthly payments.

X10 Motorola DP2400e VHF or UHF Radios

X10 Batteries + Spare Batteries

X1 Six-Way Multi-Charger

X10 Radio Antenna’s

X10 Earpieces + Belt Clips

Need a different bundle quantity? No problem!

Choose between 36 or 60-month lease terms / Talk to us about radio lease bundles

Motorola DP2400e radio Options

Get next day delivery on a wide range of Motorola DP2400e radios & accessories

Radio leasing in the UK offers efficient communication solutions. With flexible leasing options and tailored packages, businesses can access the latest radio technology without upfront costs. From short-term to long-term leases, companies benefit from reliable communication systems designed to meet their specific needs.

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DP2400e Specifications


DP2400e Digital Radio
Battery Options
Standard or IMPRES Single-Unit Charger Options
Antenna options
Belt Clip options
Dust Cover
In-box Documentation


VHF (136-174MHz); UHF (403-527MHz); 300R1 (300-360MHz); 300DP2400e (350-400MHz)

16 channels

Tri-colour LED for clear visual feedback on radio operating status

Large, textured push-to-talk button for ease of use

Two programmable buttons to improve ease of use and increase operator efficiency

Quick, easy-to-use Group, Individual and All-call capability

PTT ID helps improve communications efficiency and system discipline

Remote Monitor features

Elegant channel scanning schemes

The new accessory connector enables quick and easy attachment and removal of accessories without the need of a tool

Digital Emergency via the programmable button to help ensure rapid response to critical incidents

5 Tone Functionality

Basic Privacy

Enhanced Privacy

VOX Capability

Transmit Interrupt

SINC+ Noise Cancellation

Mute Mode (Button Only)

Received Audio Levelling

Digital Telephone Patch via Software Purchase

Intelligent Audio allowing the radio volume to automatically adjust to compensate for background noise


TIA4950 HazLoc certification options

Direct Mode (including Dual Capacity Direct Mode)

IP Site Connect (Single and Multi-Site)

Capacity Plus (Single and Multi-Site) via Software Purchase

Support for vibrating belt clip




DP2400E 136-174 5W NON KEY-PAD


DP2400E 403-527 4W NON KEY-PAD 


24 month warranty applies to the physical radio only and does not apply to the batteries or accessories shipped within the package.




Retail, Field Services, Facilities Management (FM), Public Sector, Hospitality, Construction

DP2400e radio accessories

DP2400e Audio Options:

RM110 Remote Speaker Microphone

Small, wired RSM featuring a loud and clear speaker, windporting, IP57.

D Style Earpiece with In-Line MIC/PTT

Receive and Transmit with this in-line D Style earpiece.

DP Series Heavy Duty Headset
Heavy Duty Headset : Headband Version IP54

Communicate in loud atmospheres with these heavy duty noise cancelling headphones, PTT on earmuff.

DP2400e Power Options:

IMPRES Li-Ion TIA 4950 Low Volt IP68 2900mAh

Intrinsic Safety Standard: TIA 4950, up to 26.5 hours operational time.

Battery, Li-Ion IP68 2450mAh (PMNN4543A)

Stadard, IP68 rated battery, non impres.

Motorola Rapid Rate Desktop Charger
Core Single Unit Charger UK (EUR – NNTN8273A, UK – NNTN8274A)

220 – 240V (Euro or UK Plug)

IMPRES 6-Way Multi-Unit Charger UK (PMPN4290)

Multi-charger, charge between 1-6 DP2400e radios simultaneously.

DP2400e Carry Options

DP Series Chest Carry Pack
Universal Nylon Chest Pack (HLN6602A)

The Universal Chest Pack fits virtually any radio and also has a pen holder and velcro secured pouch.

Hard Leather Carry Case with Swivel Belt Loop (PMLN5868A)

2.5 inch Swivel Belt Loop for DP2400 Non-Display

2.5 inch Replacement Swivel Belt Loop (PMLN5610A)

Replacement belt loop for 2.5 inch Swivel Belt Loop.

Nylon Radiopak & Utility Case (RLN4815A)

Universal radiopak & utility case for DP2400e radio (chest attachment).

DP2400e Antennas

Motorola UHF Stubby Antenna PMAE4069
UHF Stubby 90mm antenna (PMAE4069)

UHF (400-450 MHz) stubby antenna

UHF Stubby Antenna PMAE4070
UHF Stubby 90mm Antenna (PMAE4070)

UHF (440-490 MHz) stubby antenna

Motorola Wideband UHF Slim Whip Antenna
UHF Wideband Slim Whip 160mm Antenna (PMAE4079A)

UHF (403–527 MHz) whip antenna

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