SLR1000 radio repeater

The SLR 1000 is small and compact in size and is designed for indoor or outdoor use with an IP65 rating. The repeater is easy to install and can expand with your customers’ system, with operation in analogue modes through to digital and all the way up to Capacity Max.

The product is particularly versatile for expanding into or covering remote locations, particularly tranditional dead spots such as underground or high-rise buildings, for use at temporary events or geographically moving projects or teams.

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Wall mount bracket
External or Internal PSU


UHF, 400-527 MHz

64 Channels

Channel Spacing: 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz

1-10 W RF Output Power

Dimensions (H x W x D): 279.4 x 228.6 x 101.6 mm (11 x 9 x 4 in)

Weight: 4.54 kg (10 lbs)

Operating Temp: -30 to +60 °C (-22 to +140 °F)

IP65 – can be deployed inside & outside

Can be mounted on walls or poles, offering greater flexibility

No HVAC required

Weatherised Ethernet, DC power, and RJ45 AUX connectors

Modes of Operation: Half Duplex / Duplex

Supported System Types: Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Capacity Max, Connect Plus. Analogue Conventional, Digital Voting, MPT 1327. So repeter can grow with customer systems.

Small & Compact, Fanless design – offering less components & no noise, easy installation, less power consumption

Reduced site requirements offering less planning than traditional repeater

Diagnostic support via webpage

Optional Accessories: Duplexer, Antenna Switch, Small Mountable Antenna


SLR1000 136-174M 10W

Available in both digital and analogue


SLR1000 400-527M 10W

Available in both digital and analogue


24 month warranty applies to the physical repeater


The SLR 1000 does not have an internal mains power supply and therefore a separate power supply, for internal or external use, needs to be ordered as an option when configuring the unit.


Add coverage to an existing network that has dead spots including underground areas, high-rise buildings

Reach off-site teams

Offer temporary coverage for events


Retail, Field Services, Facilities Management (FM), Public Sector, Hospitality, Construction

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