Real-Time Instant Push-to-Talk
for Logistics and Transportation

Airacom helps transport and logistics companies move people and cargo safely and efficiently with instant, reliable and seamless communications. Streamline operations, controls costs and improve customer service.


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Make Unlimited Instant Push-to-Talk (radio) Calls from your Smartphone

Never buy and manage a radio system again! Airacom powered Push-to-Talk over Cellular turns your smartphone into an effective radio, without the hassle of managing multiple devices, radio systems and the associated installation and management costs . We offer you worldwide instant communication over any 3G, 4G or WiFi IP network. Furthermore our solution is agnostic across multiple platforms, Android, Windows and iOS.

Airacom Push-to-Talk is secure, robust and we can get you setup within hours (no site surveys required, no installation and no long-term maintenance charges).


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Collaborate and Get More Done
with Push-to-Message

Looking to optimise your business? Effective collaboration is the key. Push-to-Message is a discrete corporate private messaging solution, for individual and group messaging.

Unified messaging allows you to coordinate on transportation requests, update remote or mobile workers, better manage logistics, work orders and delivery statuses.


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Health and Safety at Work Covered
with Push-to-Alert

We help you better manage your health and safety at work policy so you can concentrate on running your business with Push-to-Alert.  Users at risk can raise alarms whenever the dedicated SOS button is clicked.

Notifications are sent to Airacom’s PTT server and delivered to your dispatch console instantly. Voice recording turns on automatically, location is logged and ambient listening is turned on upon dispatcher’s request. The entire emergency session is logged.


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Instantly Locate Remote Workers
with Real-Time Tracking

Airacom’s Push-To-Locate allows for easy tracking of remote workers, individuals, crew members, dispatched relief workers, officers and other assets using the GPS on your smartphone. With our Push-To-Locate feature, workforce’s can be quickly located for better efficiency, closest person to a job-site or in case of an emergency situation.


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Connect Groups and Teams
Worldwide Over Any IP-Network

Airacom PTT Platform enables you to build specific talk-groups for one to one or one-to-many Push-to-Talk communications. Quickly add, remove and manage groups using the Airacom Dispatch console. Connect thousands of users, across regions and countries within minutes and take back control.


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Workforce Management
Location, Presence and Status

Better workforce management. Run Push-to-Talk voice calls (one-to-one or group calls), track and locate users via the interactive map and use the Airacom dispatch console to provide user information on recent activities including messages, emergency alert management, presence visualisation, location history and audio recordings of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Efficient transpiration and logistics companies run Airacom’s dispatch console

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