Call and contact analytics solutions.

Akixi is an award-winning call and contact analytics solution delivering real-time insights and reporting integrated into your VoIP phone system.

Monitor your call traffic & agent activity in real time.

With Akixi call management software you can view your call traffic and agent activity using our call and contact analytics software. Better respond to real time events and allocate resources more effectively. Achieve greater productivity and boost performance using Akixi call management software.

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Call data analytics to boost service & productivity.

Use Akixi reports, to see how many enquiries your business is missing. Or interval reports to show which days and times you receive the most calls. With over 400 statistics you can increase business efficiency, maximise revenue, optimise your workforce and improve customer service.

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Logged call interactions from start to finish.

Akixi call management software ensures every interaction is logged instantly and accurately.  Keep a close eye on the calls received, where they originated from and how long they were on hold. Easily diagnose potential call routing issues and use data to investigate customer engagement complaints.

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If customer contact plays a key role in your business, we can help give you an edge. Our cloud based call and contact analytics software, combined with our award wining VoIP phone system.

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We put customers first with our multi-channel voice and data cloud strategy. Our award winning team provides thousands of businesses with the support and technology to streamline operations, increase safety and cut costs.

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