Push to Alert

Lone Worker Safety

Employee safety matters, lone working can affect employees at every level in almost any organisation. Protect your remote and field workers, and comply with regulation

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Airacom Push to Talk Location

Lone Worker Tracking

For employees working remotely or alone, tracking their location is critical for managing their safety. Employee tracking solutions from Airacom provide employees with extra assistance in emergency situations with direct, instant communication with the office

SOS Emergency Alerts

at a Push of a Button

Emergency situations require robust processes, real-time location and the ability to raise help using a dedicated SOS emergency button

Airacom Push to Alert

Location Accountability

Employee tracking solutions are designed for companies to monitor the safety and performance of their workforce. Tracking employees provides accountability, increased safety and improved operational management

Airacom APTT Military Push to Talk
Track frontline workers and moving equipment to prevent accidents and take rapid action
COVID-19 is a significant factor that puts employee health at risk. Monitor employee interactions and make sure social distance is maintained
Location tracking is an extremely valuable tool to ensure every individual is safe and protected within the workplace

Location Solutions for Every Industry

Make better, faster business decisions with instant unified messaging and collaborate across your entire organisation

Retail Messaging System

Indoor Navigation and Location-Based Services in Retail

Improve the customer experience with Airacom RTLS and gain oversight of your customers and your employees. Surface critical data to make improved operational decisions creating better outcomes and higher profits

Hospital Push to Talk Communication

Real-Time Location System in Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare centres strive to offer their patients the best possible service. Airacom provides custom medical software to accurately track the location of assets and individuals indoors while providing critical communications connecting all teams to unified voice, messaging and presence

Government Push to Talk Communications

Critial Communications and Software for Local Government

Local government faces many challenges from ageing legacy systems and infrastructure combined with budget pressures and rising community expectations.

We can help your council and your community devise effective strategies creating smart team collaboration and digital transformation providing critical data, analytics and business intelligence to make informed decisions

Security Push to Talk Communications

Real-Time Guard Tracking and Location Software

Make it easy to mange your security guards with guard monitoring and guard real-time location. Drive more productive and accountability from your security guard teams

Airacom Warehouse Push to Talk

Facilities Workforce Productivity and Real-Time Location

Managing the day-to-day operations of all your sites and facilities can be challenging. Airacom APTT enables you to coordinate, manage, and dispatch all services with one software for facility management

Courier Logistics Push to Talk Communication

Driver Collabotation and Vehicle Tracking

Transport and logistics management software for vehicle CCTV, location tracking and proof of delivery solutions designed to enhance your haulage operations

Aviation Ground Handling Push to Talk

Improve Communication and Asset Visibility

Connect your resources to improve asset visibility and workforce productivity with effective unified group communications and location monitoring

Global industries we work with

We help create industries of the future with the modernisation of mission-critical group communications and workforce management solutions to prioritise safety, reliability, and availability