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Proud to support In:Motion with their flagship Hot Since 82 music event in Bristol

Airacom powers radio communication excellence at In:Motion’s flagship Hot Since 82 music event in Bristol supporting Pete Tong, Sarah Story, Honeyluv, Gia Naylor and the In:Motion team with effective two-way radio hire.

Airacom is thrilled to announce its pivotal role in supplying cutting-edge two-way radio hire services for Bristol’s premier music event series, In:Motion. This February, In:Motion returns to DOCUMENT, showcasing an electrifying lineup featuring Knee Deep In Sound’s luminary Hot Since 82, alongside Radio 1’s esteemed Pete Tong, the vibrant host of Radio 1 Future Dance Sarah Story, and the rapidly ascending star Honeyluv. The event is bolstered by support acts GIA & Naylor, setting the stage on Saturday, 10th February 2024, for an unforgettable night of music and dance.

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Bristol – 10 February 2024

Our partnership with In:Motion for this flagship event underscores Airacom’s commitment to enhancing event communications, ensuring seamless coordination and safety for attendees and organisers. The importance of robust, reliable communication technology cannot be overstated in the dynamic environment of a music event, where real-time collaboration between security, event management, and technical teams is critical for the smooth operation and safety of all involved.

Two-way radios, supplied by Airacom, offer unmatched reliability and clarity, crucial for instant communication across your teams. Our radios are designed to perform in the most challenging environments, ensuring that, regardless of the noise levels or venue size, the In:Motion team can maintain clear, uninterrupted communication. This capability is vital for coordinating logistics, managing crowds, responding to emergencies, and ensuring that the event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Integrating Airacom’s two-way radios into In:Motion’s operational framework significantly advances the event’s communication strategy. By facilitating instantaneous, reliable communication, we empower event organisers to enhance operational efficiency, improve safety protocols, and deliver an exceptional experience for artists and attendees.

We are proud to support the In:Motion team and contribute to the success of their flagship event. The collaboration between Airacom and In:Motion exemplifies our dedication to providing superior communication solutions that meet the demands of large-scale events. As we look forward to the event, we are excited to see our technology in action, helping to create a safe and vibrant environment for everyone involved.

For more information about the event and to experience the stellar lineup featuring Hot Since 82, Pete Tong, Sarah Story, Honeyluv, GIA, & Naylor, please visit the official event page at Motion Bristol and explore the artist lineup on Spotify.

As the event approaches, Airacom remains committed to ensuring that our two-way radio hire service not only meets but exceeds the communication needs of In:Motion, setting a new standard for event communications. We are honored to play a role in bringing together music enthusiasts for a night of celebration and look forward to continuing our support for events that bring music and people together.

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