Protect your team.

Providing adequate protection across your employee-base, hazardous area, remote and lone workers is not a nice-to-have, it is your legal responsibility.

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Push-to-Talk with near unlimited coverage.


Mobile devices for all use-cases.


Great deals for your business.

We help you plan and deploy the right safety solutions to better manage and support your remote and lone workers.

Businesses today need to take a much broader and more dynamic approach to risk management, health and safety and employee safety. Corporate manslaughter legislation and regulatory environments you operate within demand it, as do your employees, customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders.


A world where employees face diverse challenges, increasing risks and safety issues.

The focus of our business is driven by a desire to place the concept of ‘resilience’ as central to our critical communicaitons service platform. Benefit from near global coverage over any 3G, 4G LTE and WiFi IP Network addressing specific challenges our customers face.




per user / £84 year.




per user / £120 year.




per user / £168 year.




per console / £480 year.

Define your corporate safety procedures & policies.

Better manage people policies and processes with robust health and safety governance. Airacom is an enabler of change. Allowing all business to adopt a truly mobile-first strategy harnessing the power of location based service, and secure mobile working.

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Airacom can help you put secure, flexible working at the centre of your safety proposition.

Whether you have engineers working remotely, or healthcare workers meeting clients. You’re faced with a constantly changing set of security threats and user requirements. It can be difficult to keep ahead of current technologies and maintain a mobile working environment which is both flexible yet secure.

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push-to-talk for

your business.

Offer via a 24 month push-to-talk plan when purchased with any TE-390, TE-580 and TE-590 series smart POC radio.

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24 Month plan. Minimum of five users, mobile network SIM plan not included.

Telo TE590 POC Radio

Free 4G LTE

tablet upgrade.

Aegex10 Android tablets get a free upgrade from WLAN to WLAN + 4G LTE. Keeping hazardous area professionals connected, mobile and efficient.

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Terms and conditions apply. Aegex10 Android 5.1, 6.0 tablets only.

Smart mobility, smarter-choices across the hazardous area.

We help companies of all sizes remove complexities often associated with multi-vender solutions. Delivering higher levels of service across fewer resources, and a greater return on your investment.

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eProcurement made simple.

Purchase industrial and rugged smart-mobility from the comfort of your desk.

Better than two-way radios.

Traditional PMR, DMR and Tetra radios offer limited features, switch to smart LTE POC radios.

Automatic voice recording.

The voice recording system turns on automatically when Push-to-Alert SOS button is pressed.

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