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Prepare for operational success. Connect enterprise mobility applications and empower your field-force to work smarter


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Prepare for operational success. Connect enterprise mobility applications and empower your field-force to work smarter

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Massive growth of data volumes created by computing technologies commonly referred to as “Big Data” is driving the growth of the industrial internet. Discover how Airacom can add value from IIoT in your industry.

Just starting your IoT journey? Want to learn about implementations in your industry?

Airacom can help you learn how to secure and analyse data, and take advantage of the Industrial IoT to create productive, lasting business success stories.

Review potential use cases, and learn how other organisations are reaping the benefits by adopting a robust industrial internet of things, IIoT strategy.

Oil and Gas Smart Mobility

Connected oil and gas

By fully optimising the IoT solutions available, an oil and gas company with $50 billion in annual revenue could increase its profits by nearly $1 billion, according to a Cisco study.

Railway industry internet of things

IIoT is transforming the railway industry

The internet of things will have a major impact on the railway industry as previously seen in the transportation and logistics industries. High speed trains, tunnels and extreme weather conditions present real challenges.

Pharmaceutical Industrial Internet of Things

The pharmaceutical factory of the future

Data collected by internet-connected manufacturing equipment improves operational efficiency. Smart refrigerators able to sense and send a message to a smart phone or to the grocery store when the milk supply is low.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that everyone has the ability to protect, secure, monitor and locate the safety and security of data, people & assets in real-time.

Since our founding in 2007, we’ve become recognised in leading the way in hazardous area smart mobility and location-based services. Delivering business intelligence to the Internet of Things (IoT), increasing efficiency, improving safety and reducing operational costs.

We do not just provide real-time visibility to assets, we also provide real-time support, dedicated to helping our clients better manage their projects and their mobility deployments.

The Benefits

  • Real-time visibility of assets
  • Real-time visibility of assets
  • Increased mobile device security
  • Collect real-time data in the field
  • Connecting the field to the office
  • Increase user efficiency and productivity