Intrinsically safe smartphones.

Evolve field operations and maximise productivity and workplace safety using the latest intrinsically safe smartphones.
Upgrade your intrinsically safe smartphone


Collaborative working increases productivity and wrench time minimising paper process.

Remote Experts.

Allow field workers to communicate with remote experts anywhere using video conferencing.

Improve Safety.

Make better faster decisions with critical safety apps to protect your workforce.

Push to Talk.

Replace two way radios with Airacom push to talk with ultra wide secure group communications.

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Intrinsically safe smartphones for Zone 1, DIV1

Connect people and assets to deliver increased operational efficiency & workplace safety

Instant communications at a push of a button using the latest industrial intrinsically safe smartphones to improve workforce safety and empower team collaboration.

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Oil & Gas.

Business critical communications over a wide-area is key to keeping oilfield workers connected and safe.

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Aviation starts on the ground managing assets, engineers and vehicles with industrial enterprise mobility.

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Pharma can benefit from reduced paperwork, increased productivity and improved production control.

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Harness enterprise mobility to improve manufacturing efficiency and optimise global operations.

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Intrinsically safe smartphones provide mining operations with on-the-move access to critical information.

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Enterprise mobility provides real-time monitoring, driver status and PODs with near-global group communication.

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From ship to shore, the whole team can talk, listen, and help solve business-critical situations increasing productivity.

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Offshore Drilling.

Gain greater field force enablement and data capture using the latest intrinsically safe smartphones.

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Connect the field to the office with rugged, reliable intrinsically safe smartphones

Collaborate across teams and time zones with Airacom APTT business-critical push to talk platform using the latest intrinsically safe smartphones with near-global coverage over any IP network.

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Increase operational efficiency & workplace safety

Industrial smartphone leasing

Protect valuable working capital with short-term and long-term intrinsically safe smartphone leasing from 12 months to 5 years.

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Phone & SIM unlimited plans

Get unlimited calls to 01, 02, 03 and 07 UK mobile numbers with an unlimited data bundle of 650GB per month and pay for your device monthly.

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Extended smartphone warranties

Protect your industrial intrinsically safe smartphone with 3, 4 and 5 year extended warranty plans with fast-track RMAs and device swap-outs.

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Smartphones for Zone 1, DIV1

Explore the range of intrinsically safe smartphones for highly dangerous zone 1, division 1 hazardous locations where there is risk of an explosion.

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Smartphones for Zone 2, DIV2

Explore the range of intrinsically safe smartphones for zone 2, division 2 hazardous locations and potentially explosive atmospheres.

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ATEX certified smartphones

To survive and grow, companies must compete on a technological front for faster, more proactive decision making

Explore atex smartphones

Airacom APTT replace your two-way radios

Airacom APTT enables companies to meet the challenges of a distributed workforce with secure flexible group communications for teams over any 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G and WiFi network.

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Dedicated lease lines for hazardous areas

Benefit from a high-capacity dedicated internet connection leased exclusively for your business with 100% of the bandwidth. Connect your personnel, IoTs and sensors with rock-solid super-fast connectivity.

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Extend your business communications

Equip your office and field-based teams with voice, video and messaging collaboration to handle a constant flow of queries across multiple channels for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

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Airacom Limited are one of the leading suppliers of intrinsically safe smartphones and zone 1 smartphones. We can supply a wide range of push-to-talk compatible zone 1 smartphone, zone 2 smartphones, DIV1 smartphones and DIV2 smartphones for potentially explosive and volatile atmospheres. Our wide range of intrinsically safe smartphones, zone 1 mobile phones, and industrial rugged smartphones come with global certification. If your organisation needs to purchase a smartphone for hazardous locations, you can rely on our friendly, independent expert advice. Airacom has been providing PTT intrinsically safe smartphones, managed services and intrinsically safe smartphone upgrades since 2011. We help organisations operating across oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, energy, mining, and aviation adopt zone 1 intrinsically safe smartphone communications where there is a risk of explosion. Or where the hazardous environment could cause injury to people, damage property and the environment. The following intrinsic safety devices are compatible with Airacom APTT push-to-talk group communications platform: ECOM Smart-Ex 02 DZ1, Ecom Smart-Ex 02 DZ2, ECOM Smart-Ex 02M, EX Cover Pro D2 atex case, Ex Handy 10 DZ1 intrinsically safe mobile phone, Ecom Ex Handy 10 DZ2 intrinsically safe cellular phone, Ecom Smart Ex 01, Ecom Smart Ex 01M mining smartphone, Ecom Smart Ex 201, Ecom Ex Handy 209, Ecom Ex Handy 08, Ecom Ex Ecom Handy 08 LWP, Ecom Ex Handy 07. Bartec Pixavi Phone, Bartec TC770-NI, Bartec ATEX Smartphone, isafe MOBILE IS120.1 intrinsically safe mobile phone, isafe MOBILE IS330.1, isafe MOBILE IS530.1, isafe MOBILE IS170.2, isafe MOBILE IS330.1 intrinsically safe cellular phone, isafe MOBILE IS530.2, isafe MOBILE IS655.2, isafe MOBILE IS320.1, isafe MOBILE IS320.1 classic, isafe MOBILE IS520.1, isafe MOBILE IS520.1, isafe MOBILE Innovation 1.0, isafe MOBILE Innovation 2.0, isafe MOBILE Challenger 1.0, isafe MOBILE Challenger 2.0, isafe MOBILE Guardian 1.0, isafe MOBILE Guardian 2.0. IS530.1, IS520.1, IS330.1, IS330.1 mobile phone, IS330.2, IS330.2, IS120.1 zone 1, IS170.2 zone 2 mobile phone, IS360.1 zone 2 smartphone. With real-time access to information and the ability to run enterprise applications, fieldworkers benefit from using the latest zone 1 intrinsically safe communications to increase operational efficiency and user safety. As a global provider of mission-critical zone 1 intrinsically safe communications, our solutions are supported in the following countries: the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. We also supply professional group communications to Kuwait, Angola, Oman, and a wide range of PTT zone 1 devices to Kazakhstan, Norway, Qatar, Nigeria, Libya, Algeria, and the United Kingdom. Our professional intrinsically safe zone 1 communications software enables companies in Colombia, Azerbaijan, India, Egypt, Argentina, Malaysia, Ecuador, Australia and the Republic of Congo to modernise the way they communicate across teams. We help organisations benefit from streamlined communications channels with near-global coverage. As communication and collaboration in zone 1 hazardous locations are becoming increasingly important. Airacom provides a broad range of intrinsically safe smartphones for voice, video and data collection over 4G/LTE and WiFi. Our solutions provide organisations with the ability to deploy remote assistance in zone 1 hazardous areas. Our professional zone 1 push-to-talk software is used by many industries. Including oil and energy, aviation, chemical, mining and marine. Airacom has established itself as leading the way in mobility with professional communications solutions. Our service provision extends across five continents, supporting businesses and organisations in Gabon, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Bahrain, Ghana, Thailand, Israel, Italy, Brunei and Pakistan. In addition to Yeman, Denmark, Chad, Sudan, Turkey, Romania, Cameroon, Peru, Papua New Guinea and Syria. Whether you buy, rent or lease intrinsically safe smartphones in Germany, Belarus, Cuba, Netherlands, Ukraine, Ivory Coast or Tunisia. Or you use zone 1 smartphones, zone 21 smartphones, zone 2 atex smartphones in Bolivia, Hungary, Albania, Mongolia, Suriname, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, New Zealand, Niger, Myanmar, or Guatemala. Airacom provides a wide range of zone 1 communications solutions benefiting industries globally, including Uzbekistan, Japan, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Tajikistan. We support some of the core industries worldwide with mining zone 1 communications, transportation, and logistics zone 1 vehicle solutions. Our push to talk for zone 1 smartphones benefits many industry sectors, delivering safe and seamless group communications from the field to the office, and creating M1 smart mining solutions for companies in South Africa, Chile, China, Australia and India. Airacom zone 1 group communications assists companies meet the challenges of a distributed workforce with secure flexible group communication for teams. We help you modernise your legacy systems with an intelligent platform for company-wide team collaboration and communication. While delivering wide-area multi-network coverage using any 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, WiFi or Satellite IP network, connecting field engineers with remote experts at a push of a button. We prioritise digital transformation through IT and OT convergence to keep up with disruption and go beyond efficiency. Empower your mobile workforce and run Airacom PTT across a range of intrinsically safe smartphones and tablets for Android, iOS, Windows and MAC.

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