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Hire two way radios in Holborn or rent push to talk radios

Refreshingly simple two way radio hire in Holborn. Buy, rent, lease or hire two way radios for events and charities or to improve everyday business operations from Holborn’s leading two way radio hire specialist.

Benefit from short-term or long-term two way radio rentals, and hire VHF, UHF, or our ultra long-range PoC radios offering near national coverage from as little as one day to long-term projects up to five years. Our long-distance two way radios and radio communication systems can scale from 2 to 1 million users with coverage over any Cellular, WiFi or Satellite IP network.

Short term event radio hire in Holborn, we have you covered

radio hire for every industry
Hire two way radios in Holborn or push to talk rental from 1 day to 5 years for any industry or event.
Construction Site Two Way Radio Hire

Rent or lease two way radios in Holborn with all the accessories.

Retail Shop Two Way Radio Hire
Retail & Hospitality

Short or long term radio hire or WiFi PTT for retail stores and hotels.

Sports Event Two Way Radio Hire
Sports & Arenas

Hire radios for sports events, conferences or music events.

Security and Event Push to Talk Radio Hire
Events & Security

Two way radio hire for small events or large security teams.

Contact a radio hire specialist
We make hiring two way radios simple, straightforward and transparent.
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short term radio hire Holborn

Talk to us about hiring or buying two way radios in Holborn

If you need a more efficient, safer way to communicate with your team, two way radio communication is the perfect solution with instant 1-2-1 or 1-2-many voice broadcasts. Airacom is a leading manufacturer of push to talk software, as well as supplying two way radios from leading brands, including Hytera, Kenwood, 3M Peltor, and Motorola Solutions in Holborn.

The solution is airacom

push to talk

Connecting teams everywhere

Who’s hiring a professional push to talk radio service from Airacom in Holborn?

Holborn two way radio rentals. Best in commercial walkie-talkies for short term and long term two way radio hire. You can buy, rent, hire or lease 2-way radios for businesses, charities, or projects of any size on short or long-term rental contracts. Our clients in Holborn range from a diverse mix of industries:

Film, TV & Production Services

Construction Sites

Security Companies

Events and Event Organisers

Crowd Control

Car Park Monitoring

Sporting Events and Stadiums

Hospitality & Entertainment

Facilities Management

Festivals, Concerts & Theatres

Retail Stores

Shopping Centres

Local County Councils

Government Departments

Transport and Logistics


Fast next-day radio hire

Do you need urgent next-day or same day walkie talkie radio hire in Holborn?

Running an event or have an urgent business requirement to hire or rent two way radios in Holborn? – Talk to our team about our next and same-day urgent two-way radio hire solutions. Airacom stocks thousands of walkie talkies for hire in Holborn and the surrounding Holborn areas.

Short term radio rental in Holborn

Hire radios from 1 day to 5 years

We organisation dispatch and collection

Hire two to thousands of radios

Unlimited talk groups with LTE PTT

We can do more for your operations than hire two way radios in Holborn

Focus on your core objectives with a managed two way radio hire in Holborn. Connect teams and staff with private 1-2-1 or large group broadcasts over any 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi network, giving you the ultra-wide area coverage you need to be effective. Plus, our value extends to so much more than just voice and messaging. We can plan, organise and deploy critical services rapidly.

Mission Critical Communications

Workforce Management Solutions

Buy Two Way Radios

Radio hire In focus

Holborn exhibition and conference centre short term two way radio hire

Holborn two way radio hire delivers exhibition event radios across Holborn for some of the most prestigious and well-known indoor and outdoor events. Our local Holborn radio team has a wealth of experience providing professional event radios and walkie talkie hire in Holborn and the surrounding areas.

No capital outlay, hire radios vs buying

Wide range of VHF, UHF, Digital & PoC radios

Holborn two way radio hire from 2-2K radios

Unlimited support, setup and provisioning

Airacom Push to Talk, the Android or iOS smartphone app from only £2.95 per user, per week

Keeping events in Holborn connected and collaborating. Whether your event is indoors, outdoors, or across multiple venues. Talk to our Push to Talk radio hire team, and hire long-range push to talk radios with near national coverage, or WiFi only locations.

*Based on Airacom APTT push to talk application for Android or iOS. Does not include a PoC mobile device or radio. 12 Weeks minimum hire duration. Excludes UK VAT.

shop radios

Buy, rent or lease Holborn two way radios & accessories

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5 Reasons why Holborn hires two way radios from Airacom

Buy, rent or lease Airacom push to talk event radios or hire two radios in Holborn with our flexible, low cost radio rental packages. We make hiring two way radios in Holborn simple and straightforward.

Remove the restrictions and range limitations with traditional walkie talkies. Benefit from interference free radio communication with near national coverage over any IP network using Airacom APTT radio rental in Holborn.

Flexible rental from 1 day to 5 years:

Holborn two way radio hire from one day to multi year radio hire contracts.

Hire professional radio accessories

Our radio rentals can come with a range of radio accessories from earpieces, to multi-chargers and docking stations.

Get up to 20% off for repeat radio hire

Have more than one service with Airacom, or hire radios regularley? Existing customers with more than one service with Airacom, or repeat radio hire clients can benefit from up to 20% off long-term radio hire in Holborn.

Unlimited radio groups & changes

Airacom push to talk radio hire benefits from unlimited talk groups and user changes.

Fast same day & next day delivery

With thousands of radios in our hire fleet, we can deliver next-day and same-day radio hire in Holborn.

Expanding group collaboration

Group communication

Solutions for teams

Motorola portable radios to buy, rent or lease

Get next day delivery across a wide range of Motorola two way radio solutions and walkie talkies in Holborn.

Push to talk workforce management solutions

Manage your entire frontline teams and remote workforce seamlessly using Airacom’s WFM software.

Explore equipment hire & procurement services

Should you lease your two way radios in Holborn, or buy? Explore the advantages of radio lease rental.

Mission critical push to talk group communications

Explore our range of mission critical and business critical two way radio solutions for SMEs in Holborn.

Vehicle & transport push to talk services for drivers

Connect your remote vehicle teams with a national push to talk service back to HQ for support and collaboration.

WiFi push to talk for indoor network utilisation

Use Airacom push to talk over any public or private WiFi hotspot or corporate network without cellular data.


get the answers to common radio hire questions

What is Push to Talk over Cellular?

Airacom Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC), sometimes known as PTT, is a software-based two-way radio service. PoC technology takes advantage of mobile 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, and WiFi broadband connectivity, offering ultra-wide coverage across Holborn and the surrounding areas indoors and outdoors.

What are digital two way radios?

Digital portable radios are the latest technology to replace traditional analogue radios. They provide superior call quality, battery life, and coverage range. Talk to our team about your Holborn radio hire project and find out which radios best match your requirements.

Can we hire radios in Holborn for one day?

Yes, you can. You can hire two-way radios in Holborn from just one day. Or, if your project requires, you can hire two-way radios in Holborn for multiple weeks, months, or much longer with our long-term Holborn two-way radio hire from one to five years. We calculate two way radio hire in Holborn based on event duration and transit time to you and back to our central logistics hub.

Do you offer delivery and collection?

Yes, we do. We make hiring or renting two way radios in Holborn as simple as possible. Our two-way radio hire in Holborn is delivered to you with all of the returns labels included in the box. Our team will arrange and take care of both dispatch and collection.

What is the range of the radios?

This is a challenging question, as not all radios or locations are equal. Digital radios in urban or residential areas typically range from 3-5 km, potentially much less if the site is around large buildings or built-up areas. However, Airacom Push-to-Talk radios offer much greater coverage with near-national and international coverage over a cellular broadband network and work well indoors using a wireless broadband network.

Do you set up the radios?

Yes, we do. All Holborn hire two way radios are provisioned and charged to at least 80% before dispatch. Airacom Push-to-Talk solutions can also be configured remotely over the air. Our PTT provisioning team is on hand to help make device name changes and group name changes or add and remove users from talk groups between 08:00 and 20:00, Monday to Friday.

How many radios can we hire?

Airacom is one of the largest two-way radio hire companies in Holborn. Our Holborn two-way radio hire capacity is large, catering to some of the UK’s biggest events and projects. You can hire as many radios as your team requires, from 2-2K walkie-talkies in Holborn with the capacity for more devices if needed.

What type of support do you provide?

Businesses, charities, and events companies love hiring two-way radios in Holborn from Airacom because we provide expert technical support and advice as standard. All short-term and long-term Holborn two way radio hire projects have a dedicated account manager and technical support team to assist from 08:00 until 20:00, Monday to Friday. Optional support for out-of-office hours, including weekends, is available.

Can we lease portable radios in Holborn?

Yes, you can. We provide competitive two-way radio leasing in Holborn, including support for 1-5 year two way radio lease hire terms. Talk to us about upgrading your existing analogue two-way radio system in Holborn to either Push to Talk or digital walkie-talkies. You will benefit from superior coverage, voice quality, and features.

Does Airacom provide discounts for schools and charities in Holborn?

Absolutely. We provide a range of discounts for charitable and not-for-profit organisations in Holborn. Including Holborn two-way radios for schools, colleagues, and educational institutions.


Why hire from Holborn’s best two way radio company?

Unlike traditional mobile communications, businesses and events can communicate across large groups of people in real time. No ringing, no waiting. Broadcast critical voice communication to everyone instantly, at a press of a button.

Hiring two way radios in Holborn starts with a free, no obligation quote. We provide unlimited talk groups, bundled accessories, and all the help to make your radio hire successful with our push to talk service.

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